Voting Policy

Exercising ones right to vote at the General Assembly is an integral part of our fiduciary responsibility and our role as a responsible investor.

As such, Ventech SAS enacts its voting rights policy in accordance with the provisions of article 314-100 of the RGAMF (AMF Regulations).

Politique de vote MAJ 10/2012

Conflict of Interests Prevention and Management Policy

The conflict of interest management policy applies to all Ventech partners.

Politique de prévention et de gestion des conflits d’intérêts

ESG Policy

As a pioneering early-stage investor in the pan-European VC playground, Ventech deeply believes in the role played by impact investing and the responsibility in choosing to invest in projects, companies and sectors that are environmental, social and governance responsible.

In addition to financing business models which are, for the most part, sustainable in nature, Ventech aims to act responsibly through all its activities and in particular with regard to investments made by its funds under management, by gradually bringing ESG issues to bear on all the companies it supports, which will later conduct to a more sustainable economy and a better world of tomorrow.

Sustainability policy of Ventech (EN)

Politique de durabilité de Ventech (FR)

Ventech Rapport LEC 2021 (FR)