July 12, 2023

The First Unicorn in Sports “Keep“, Becomes China's First Listed Fitness Company

The First Unicorn in Sports “Keep“, Becomes China's First Listed Fitness Company

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Hong Kong - July 12, 2023 - Keep Inc. (referred toas "Keep", stock code: 3650.HK) has successfully debuted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, marking a significant milestone as "China's First Listed Fitness Company"!

In2015, Ventech China became acquainted with Keep and was immediately impressed by the founder, Ning WANG's profound understanding of the emerging fitness market, his keen grasp of consumer needs, and his unwavering determination. Ventech China promptly invested in Keep's A round one year later than Keep’s inception, becoming the leading investor, and subsequently added additional support on its following rounds.

In the same year, the fitness industry in China entered a period of rapid growth, and Keep revolutionized the fitness accessibility by offering a "free" entry point for beginners. Keep swiftly gained tremendous success, acquiring one million users in just 105 days and surpassing 100 million users within 921 days. It became the first sports app in China to achieve such a milestone.

Keep's mission is to make fitness accessible to a wider population, inspiring tens of millions to become Keep users, or "Keepers," and fostering a genuine fitness community.

Today, Keep stands as the largest online fitness platform worldwide, symbolizing health and fitness with its strong brand influence. A staggering 77.5% of the fitness population in China is familiar with the Keep mobile app.

In2022, Keep recorded approximately 2.1 billion workout sessions on its platform,solidifying its position as the market leader and expanding its user base rapidly. Supported by compelling offerings and a powerful brand, Keep has consistently demonstrated its commitment to creating social value.

As the lead investor, Eric Huet, Managing Partner of VentechChina, remarked, "Keep has empowered countless individualsto engage in exercise, making fitness more accessible and instilling confidenceand wellness in people's lives. We are honored to have grown alongside Keep asone of its earliest venture capital partners. We eagerly anticipate thecompany's future achievements under the guidance of its founder -Ning WANG."

A Comprehensive Fitness Solution Encompassing the Entire Fitness Lifecycle

Keepis evolving into a results-oriented platform that offers users a comprehensive fitness solution to help them achieve their goals. It provides extensive and professional fitness content, supported by AI-assisted personalized curriculums, interactive live streaming classes, and recorded fitness courses. These offerings dynamically adjust course content and workout intensity based on users' athletic levels, fitness objectives, daily workout patterns, and dietary requirements. The content is complemented by a range of smart fitness devices, gear, apparel, and nutrition, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital realms to create an immersive one-stop fitness experience.

Unique Ecosystem for Enhanced Competitiveness

In comparison to content-driven platforms, Keep possesses robust data accumulation capabilities, customized value-added services, and hardware integration. This enables the company to provide more comprehensive products and services.

Unlike traditional hardware manufacturers, Keep has established a complete content ecosystem and possesses stronger control over content preferences. This enables Keep to better meet user needs, enhance userexperience, and cultivate user loyalty.

Further more, Keep enjoys a technological advantage over traditional consumer brands. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, the company has developed a platform that empowers the development of its own branded sports products. This, coupled with powerful data insights, allows Keep to better understand user needs and consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

Additionally,as the largest online fitness platform in China, Keep benefits from a high-potential channel with targeted traffic. This enables efficient user matching and enhances sales conversion.

As the pioneer in the field of sports technology, Keep aims to leverage its capital resources to accelerate its unique advantages and propel further breakthroughs.