December 7, 2022

Make your own World Cup ⚽ with technology!

Make your own World Cup ⚽ with technology!

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Make your own World Cup ⚽ with technology! 👨💻

Can you believe that there is only 1% of sports games recorded while the world sports industry has reached over $500 billion annual value?

📹 #Video is the basis of many services in sports: coaching, analysis, live streaming, and scouting...

In this interview, the CTO of Amazon, Werner Vogels, sits down with Ventech's portfolio Veo Technologies's co-founders Henrik Teisbæk, Keld Reinicke and its Head of Brand Marketing Rob Scotland, to discuss how technology is helping democratize sports across all levels and all genders to reach parity and root for young talents.On top of that, they dug into everything from the overwhelming work it takes to get a #startup off the ground to the challenges they have faced building their own #hardware.

We believe that the future of sports is shaped by technology.

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Behind the scenes from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) shoot at the Veo HQ: 👉

Now Go Build: An Extended Conversation about Technology and Sports: 👉