January 27, 2023

2023 VC Predictions Part 2: WHAT'S NEXT FOR CHINA?

2023 VC Predictions Part 2: WHAT'S NEXT FOR CHINA?

General Outlook:

With the currentglobal circumstances and the previously radical quarantine measures in China,the occidental countries seem to deleverage China more and more. Bigconglomerates such as Coca-Cola are preparing Plan B of their strategy inChina, in case any unexpected changes would come through.

 But is China reallylosing its charm to international investors? What is going on across thepacific ocean? And what is in store for this country in the near future? Let’stake a look!

Is China still attractive to foreign investors? 

Despite the macro context surrounding China, its market potential and assets are still huge. We are deeply convinced that China will keep its position as the industrial powerhouse. China is trying to stimulate the national economy and the recovery is going to be fast but choppy.


Nationally speaking, the rebound is going to be fast, but it will take a longer time to pick up on the international level due to the tailwind of logistics response and Covid preventive measures taken by other countries.

Sector focus: