Ka Yu Eric Ho

Vice President

Ka Yu Eric Ho is the Vice President of Ventech China, his area of focus lies in deep technology, fintech, blockchain, PaaS, Internet, telecommunications and industrial.

Ka Yu has decades of experience in direct investment. Apart from investing growth capital, Ka Yu is actively involved in distress, restructuring and debt financing opportunities spanning the East and West. Prior to Ventech, Ka Yu was an investment professional with a renowned venture capital and private equity firm in Asia, where he was responsible for the firm’s investment and divestment activities in Asia and North America. Before embarking on his journey into private equity, Ka Yu spent a decade with high-tech (TMT) startups out of the Silicon Valley. During this time, he worked alongside entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists on business expansion to the Asia Pacific region, among other strategic initiatives.

Professional and family life aside, Ka Yu spends his entire life backpacking around the world, and has set his foot print even in some of the most chaotic and unsettling places.

Ka Yu earned an MS Degree from Columbia University and an MBA Degree from the Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago, where he was Amy and Richard F. Wallman Scholar.