Our entire Ventech team is driven by the strong desire and determination to actively support entrepreneurs. We serve as their partners from the early growth phases through later-stage expansion and up to an IPO or M&A transaction. We value teamwork over individual intelligence, and have learned that success requires patience and conviction.

While each partner strongly commits himself/herself to individual portfolio companies, it is the combined resources of the international Ventech team that make the real difference to our most demanding entrepreneurs. Ventech supports portfolio companies on an on-going basis and in key matters such as financing, business & corporate development, recruitment, partnerships, and international development as well as exit preparation and related negotiations.

Ventech invests between €5M and €10M per company, with initial investments between €2M and €5M.

To underline our commitment to the early stages, we can invest much smaller amounts in the €100-250K range from our dedicated seed program.