Seeking Disruptive Innovation in the Digital Economy

Ever-accelerating digitalization is deeply transforming each sector of our economy at breathtaking speed. Leaning on breakthrough technology and new types of usage combined with smart business models, innovation is the ultimate fuel for emerging international leaders addressing large and high-growth markets.

  •   Internet & Applications

    The Internet continuously transforms the way we receive and digest information, entertain, communicate, and organize our lives as consumers. Ventech invests in the media, e-commerce, and online advertising sectors and as well as in new types of services for the digital economy.

  •   Mobile

    Each new tablet or smartphone enriches the gigantic global platform, which new mobile applications and solutions can leverage. Ventech invests in mobile applications and development platforms to design and distribute these applications.

  •   Enterprise Software

    Corporations are constantly overhauling their business processes via cloud-based smart and lightweight software solutions. Based largely on open source components, these solutions revolutionize the way corporations are implementing their business models. Ventech invests in SaaS, Open Source, Cloud, and Big Data.

  •   Infrastructure

    New usages stem from more and more performive architecture and a new generation of electronic devices. Ventech invests in electronic components, data transportation solutions, innovative communication systems, and connected devices.

Investment in Europe and China

With our French, German and Scandinavian teams, Ventech Europe focuses on Western Europe. We have also been focused on selected investment themes in Russia since 2008.

Ventech has been an active investor in China through our sister-company, Ventech China, since 2006. Ventech China has built a team of experienced professionals specialized in mobile technology, e-commerce, and services for the digital economy.

To back entrepreneurs long-term and throughout each phase of their companies’ growth

Our entire Ventech team is driven by the strong desire and determination to actively support entrepreneurs. We serve as their partners from the early growth phases through later-stage expansion and up to an IPO or M&A transaction. We value teamwork over individual intelligence, and have learned that success requires patience and conviction.

While each partner strongly commits himself/herself to individual portfolio companies, it is the combined resources of the international Ventech team that make the real difference to our most demanding entrepreneurs. Ventech supports portfolio companies on an on-going basis and in key matters such as financing, business & corporate development, recruitment, partnerships, and international development as well as exit preparation and related negotiations.

Ventech invests between €5M and €10M per company, with initial investments between €2M and €5M.

To underline our commitment to the early stages, we can invest much smaller amounts in the €100-250K range from our dedicated seed program.

Building International Leaders

We have built an international platform over many years of active innovation-financing. Today, our portfolio CEOs can count on support from the Ventech offices in France, Germany, Scandinavia and China, and the leverage of a broader network with  footholds in the United States, Russia, and Turkey.

Our international ecosystems comprising successful entrepreneurs, business angels, and financial/corporate investors have been steadily developed on the heels of hands-on local investing initiatives.

Ventech : Partnering with Entrepreneurs for 17 Years

  • 1998
    • Ventech is founded
    • Ventech I Closing
    • France Telecom acquires Alapage
    • Genesys’s IPO on NASDAQ
    • Ventech II Closing
  • 2005
    • Iliad acquires Altitude Telecom
    • MeilleurTaux’s IPO on Euronext
    • BMC Software (US) acquires Calendra
    • Dassault Systems acquires Virtools
    • Openwave (US) acquires Musiwave
    • Ventech III Closing
    • Ventech China is founded
    • Ventech China I Closing
    • First investment in Russia
    • ESPN (US) acquires RacingLive
  • 2009
    • Vivendi acquires Wengo
    • Ventech China II Closing
    • Ariba (US, NASDAQ) acquires b-process
    • Vodone (Chinese media group) acquires 3GUU
    • Ventech F Closing
  • 2013
    • Ventech office in Munich
    • Ekinops’s IPO on Euronext
    • Qualcomm (US, NASDAQ) acquires Arteris’s technology
    • EADS acquires Arkoon
    • Shen Zhou Pay’s IPO on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    • Jumei’s IPO on NASDAQ
    • Ventech China III Closing
  • 2016
    • Ventech office in Helsinki