Talent.io grabs $8.8 million for its recruitment platform


French startup Talent.io is turning headhunting into a marketplace by connecting promising engineers with tech companies. The company just raised $8.8 million (€8 million) from existing investors Alven Capital and Ventech.

While Talent.io started with Paris, the company is now operating in other major European cities, such as Berlin and London. The startup acquired Webcrowd and Go Digital in order to do this.

Engineers sign up when they’re ready to get a new job. Talent.io is going to screen them to keep the most legit candidates. Then, tech companies receive an email every week with new candidates. Those companies can start a conversation with those candidates.

After a month, candidates who don’t find a new job are removed from the platform. Talent.io helps you find full-time employees, freelancers and even interns.

So far, Talent.io has attracted 2,000 tech companies, with most of them in Paris — 200 companies in London and 200 companies in Berlin rely on Talent.io for now. Around 25 percent of candidates find a new job thanks to the startup.

The selection process for candidates is probably the main differentiating factor. If tech companies trust Talent.io that they only select valuable candidates, then they’re going to use it again and again. While 4,500 people sign up every month, only 400 of them get selected. With today’s funding round, Talent.io wants to multiply these numbers by 10.

Recruiting startups are not my favorite kind of startups. It feels like they create more turnover and have too big an impact on the job market. And yet, to be fair, recruitment is a lucrative industry. Tech companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year on recruitment. And it’s clear that Talent.io plans to take advantage of that.


Source: TechCrunch

interCloud raises 10m in series B


InterCloud (France), provider of a platform enabling enterprises to connect and take control of multiple cloud-based apps from different service providers, raised €10m in a Series B funding round from existing investors CapHorn Invest and Ventech and new investors Bpifrance, Hi Inov and SNCF Digital Ventures. The funds will be used to finance the development of its cloud delivery and cloud access platforms, expand its activities in Spain and launch its services in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and UK markets.

From last funding transaction in Mar-2017.

Founded in 2010, InterCloud through its platform connects companies to their cloud service providers. The company does so through its own cloud delivery network, which rents transfer capacity from internet service providers (ISPs). The platform allows organisations to migrate to cloud and provide cloud applications to their users worldwide. InterCloud also addresses the security, performance and flexibility challenges associated with outsourcing resources to the public cloud by allowing clients to choose through which cables and ISPs their data passes.

Headquartered in Paris, InterCloud currently employs 40 people and plans to double its workforce by the end of the year. The company states to have grown at double digit rate from 2015 to 2016. It lists 40 companies as its clients including names such as Correos TelecomCriteo (FRA:CI5A), MonoprixSchneider Electric (EPA:SU), Societe Generale and Veolia (EPA; VIE). It has also signed agreements with major cloud solution providers such as Amazon Web ServicesGoogleMicrosoft AzureSalesforce (NYSE:CRM) and ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW).

According to MarketsandMarkets, the multi cloud management market size is estimated to grow from $939.3m (€881.7m) in 2016 to $3.4bn (€3.2bn) by 2021, at a CAGR of 29.6%. A 2017 Forbes report states that large enterprises are running 75% of their workloads on cloud platforms, with 43% in private cloud and 32% in public cloud. Small and medium businesses run 83% of their workloads on cloud platforms. The report also states that 85% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy today, up from 82% in 2016.

Competitors include US-based Cloudbolt, a cloud management platform that enables enterprise IT to operate as a cloud service provider; US-based Google Cloud Interconnect, which lets enterprises connect directly to its data centres; US-based Intercloud Systems (NASDAQ: ICLD), which offers cloud IT and cloud computing network solutions to the enterprise market; US-based RightScale, a cloud computing management solution for managing cloud infrastructure across multiple infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers; and US-based Scalr, an enterprise-grade cloud management platform which allows enterprises to achieve cost-effective, automated and standardised application deployments across multi-cloud environments.

Ogury raises USD 15 millions and dreams of beeing the new Criteo

La start-up, créée par les fondateurs de BeeAd, vise 50 millions d’euros de chiffre d’affaires l’an prochain. Elle accueille IDinvest à son capital et va attaquer le marché américain.

Ils en sont persuadés : ils tiennent là le nouveau Criteo. Les investisseurs se sont bousculés, ces derniers mois, pour prendre un ticket dans Ogury. Cette start-up est basée à Londres et a été créée par deux Français, Jean Canzoneri et Thomas Pasquet, qui avaient déjà fondé Beezik – devenu ensuite BeeAd -, qui proposait des contenus gratuits (musique, articles…) sponsorisés par la publicité. Elle vient de lever 15 millions de dollars (13,4 millions d’euros) auprès d’IDinvest, qui avait déjà investi dans Criteo, et de ses actionnaires historiques Ventech, Covent Partners et ACG, portant à plus de 20 millions de dollars le total des fonds levés.
Juste après avoir revendu BeeAd au groupe eBuzzing (aujourd’hui Teads) pour quelque 30 millions d’euros, les deux entrepreneurs sont partis quelques mois à San Francisco et en sont revenus avec l’idée de lancer Ogury, il y a deux ans. « On était un peu frustrés de voir Facebook rafler plus de 50 % du marché de la publicité mobile. Nous savions récolter des données plus granulaires et on souhaitait réellement améliorer l’expérience utilisateur », explique Jean Canzoneri. Ogury propose donc une solution de ciblage qui s’appuie sur les données de navigation de l’utilisateur. Celui-ci doit d’abord donner son consentement explicite. « Notre réseau compte plus de 250 millions d’utilisateurs actifs, et 65 à 70 % d’entre eux acceptent la publicité ciblée, affirme Jean Canzoneri. Notre solution a deux effets : ils voient des publicités qui correspondent davantage à leurs goûts et ils en voient moins, les éditeurs pouvant se permettre de commercialiser moins d’espaces, à des tarifs plus élevés. » La solution ne s’applique pour l’instant qu’aux applications mobiles, mais une offre multiterminal est dans les tuyaux.

Un bureau à New York

Avec cette levée de fonds, Ogury va d’abord renforcer sa plate-forme et son équipe. D’une cinquantaine d’ingénieurs aujourd’hui (sur 100 personnes), elle va passer à 140 l’an prochain, tous basés à Paris. « Notre ciblage est l’un des plus fins du marché et nous allons rendre notre offre accessible en self-service », ajoute Jean Canzoneri. Et Ogury va ouvrir un bureau à New York pour attaquer le marché américain, puis deux nouveaux pays européens, après la France et le Royaume-Uni, l’Italie et l’Espagne.
Ogury devrait terminer l’année avec un chiffre d’affaires compris entre 30 et 35 millions d’euros et vise les 50 millions en 2017. La société est rentable depuis sa première année d’exploitation. Son premier marché est le Royaume-Uni, loin devant la France.

Nicolas Rauline, LesEchoes.fr 06/09/16

Freespee secures €9.25M Series B funding led by Ventech


London, 7th November 2016 – Freespee, the real time conversation cloud technology company, has secured €9.25 million in Series B funding in a round led by French venture capital firm Ventech SA, marking the latter’s first ever investment in a Nordic company. Joining as part of this investment round is growth debt provider Silicon Valley Bank, alongside existing investors in Freespee, Sunstone Capital and Inventure. The investment will be used to fuel product development and sees Ventech’s Tero Mennander join the Freespee board.

Freespee enables marketers to monitor, manage and personalise the experience of every customer conversation taking place through desktop web, mobile web and mobile apps. The company was founded by Swedish software engineers at the end of 2009, with offices in London, Paris, Barcelona and Uppsala, Sweden.

The new investment round will enable Freespee to accelerate the development of its industry-leading conversation cloud technology, which is used globally by brands such as Allianz, Lloyds, eBay, Bupa, Marriott Hotels and Peugeot. The company already manages millions of conversations every month across 20 countries using its innovative technology.

As part of the new investment round, Ventech Venture Partner, Tero Mennander, will join the board at Freespee. As head of the Ventech Helsinki office, Mennander leads the firm’s activity in the Nordics, and brings 25 years of experience in the technology sector across various roles on the entrepreneurial, as well as the investors’ side.

“There is no simple way for a brand to understand how customer communications through phone, chat and email influence and help grow its internet business. We’re building a cloud that gives marketers and e-commerce professionals access to these legacy technology stacks. This investment round will enable us to propel our ambitions to make internet businesses more conversational,” said Carl Holmquist, Freespee co-founder and CEO.
Holmquist continued: “By working with Ventech and our other investors, new and old, we will continue to pioneer new ways to allow our customers to monitor, manage and personalise the experience of every conversation taking place through their desktop web, mobile web and apps.”

“Freespee is a groundbreaking innovator, with technology that is forging the future of enterprise software and Software as a Service (SaaS) in the conversational commerce space,” said Tero Mennander, Venture Partner at Ventech and newly-appointed board member at Freespee. “This sector is demonstrating enormous innovation globally, with Freespee at the leading edge of this wave, and we’re delighted to be joining their team.”

About Freespee

Freespee is a real time conversation cloud company. Its technology is used by marketers to monitor, manage and personalise the experience of every conversation
taking place through desktop web, mobile web and mobile apps. The company was founded by Swedish software engineers in 2009, with offices in London, Paris, Barcelona and Uppsala, Sweden. Freespee’s cloud technology is used globally by brands such as Allianz, Lloyds, eBay, Bupa, Marriott Hotels and Peugeot. www.freespee.com

Ventech China invests in Hornet’s Series A as Lead Investor


Ventech China announced on Nov 24, 2016 to have invested in gay social app Hornet’s Series A financing. This round of $8 million investment was led by Ventech China, followed by INspirano. The financing is mainly used to support rapid business development and user adoption across the globe. Eric Huet, managing partner of Ventech China, will join Hornet’s board of directors.

Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, Hornet is committed to strengthen gay community by providing quality social interactions with more ways to meet and engage in local gay communities. As of today, Hornet has already accumulated over 15 million registered users and 3 million MAUs, becoming the second largest gay social network worldwide. With global service coverage, Hornet is now ranking No.1 in the key markets of France, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Taiwan, while consistently expanding its sizable user base in US.

Hornet has recently acquired Vespa, the largest and most comprehensive gay city guide. With Vespa’s places (over 300 cities in 70 countries) and over 5000 events data integrated into its platform, Hornet has realized a major refresh earlier this month by launching the new Hornet Discover function. Under this new function, users can discover the secret events in the city. No matter it’s a familiar city they live in or a strange city they just travel by, users can always quickly find the offline events they like and meet new friends. Not restricted to be a simple gay social listing app, Hornet is more dedicated to create a magical adventure for gay community.

Ventech China continuously holds a positive outlook on gay community and its prosperous future. Earlier this year, Ventech China also announced a leading investment in Blued, the largest gay social app focusing on China market. Ventech China strongly believes that Hornet has great potential to win a leading position by leveraging its advantages in product design, engineering and community elements to retain user loyalty. In terms of monetization, Hornet will continue to generate revenue through subscriptions and more profitable direct sales advertising, with a future plan to cooperate with companies like Priceline and provide gay-featured ticketing services.

“We are excited to work with our new investors to further our mission and engage our community,” said Christof Wittig, CEO, Hornet.  “Hornet brings interaction and an experience that builds relationships and helps form meaningful connections to local communities. We will invest heavily into making our vision for a fully connected gay community a reality.”

Eric Huet, managing partner of Ventech China who joins the company’s Board of Directors, said, “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in Hornet.  The platform combined with the user functionality is unparalleled. In such a short time, Hornet has claimed leader position in many markets across the globe.”

Persuasion-as-a-Service startup Crobox Raises $1.2M seed round

Crobox, an Amsterdam based company, which combines consumer psychology with machine-learning to influence (purchase) decisions announced today it has raised a $1.2 million funding round led by Keadyn, with participation from Ventech (Paris) and a number of angel investors.

“Crobox has a highly talented interdisciplinary team which managed to merge the power of entrepreneurship, computer science and human behavior. Their uniquely blended technology results in an industry leading marketing message optimization, that will even perform better over time due to its machine learning capabilities.” Ohad Gilad, Managing Partner Keadyn

Currently the company serves 20 global customers with Rakuten, T-Mobile and Under Armour amongst them.
“Under Armour has an ambitious plan for online growth in Europe. With the persuasion analytics technology from Crobox, we know better how to communicate across cultures and convert our audience to loyal fans of our brand.” – Dimitri Arts, head of eCommerce Under Armour

The platform delivers a blend of notifications, micro-copy and product tags all based on pre-defined emotional triggers. A library with more than 200+ different psychological triggers helps the customer experiment with loads of tactics to optimise their messaging across segments.

“More than 95% of the daily decions you make, are driven by the subconscious mind. People think they make a decision on a rational basis, but in fact it is driven by emotional triggers.
Crobox has built a data-driven Persuasion Framework in order to help global eCommerce brands to drive those purchase decisions and provide unique consumer insights through their persuasion profiling engine. By making use of machine learning, the technology exactly knows which persuasion tactic, does and doesn’t work for every individual.” Rodger Buyvoets, CEO & founder Crobox

The team of 20 consists of a blend of developers, data scientists and psychologists. The company says it will use today’s funding round to continue expanding the breadth and capabilities of its platform and expand in other countries.Crobox, an Amsterdam based company, which combines consumer psychology with machine-learning to influence (purchase) decisions announced today it has raised a $1.2 million funding round led by Keadyn, with participation from Ventech (Paris) and a number of angel investors.

European Games Group raises to boost its portfolio

Munich, 15th August 2016,  marketing company European Games Group has received an undisclosed amount of additional capital to grow its operations.  Munich based games-marketer European Games Group (EGG) raised fresh capital. The two international investors Ventech and Omnes Capital increased their investment following positive business performance within the mid-two digit million range, strengthening the equity basis. The European Games Group is now capable of investing more than 15 Million Euros to market new games until the end of 2017. The company is currently searching for further national and international developers with promising online- and mobile-games, in order to add them to their portfolio and market them globally. As such, European Games Group is adhering to its “partner instead of publisher” company principle.

About European Games Group AG

The European Games Group is headquartered in Munich and specialized in worldwide marketing of Free2Play-online and mobile-games. As an external marketing partner for developing agencies the company collaborates with independent international developers and market their games globally to reach a wide audience. Their current portfolio includes the successful cross-platform browser-game Hero Zero (Playata), the cross-platform mobile-games Tasty Tale and Fancy Tale (Sublinet) as well as the cross platform browser-game Big Bang Empire (Playata). Further titles are currently tested. The European Games Group AG was established in 2010 and currently employs 35 employees.

“Our strong growth and the results of the last 18 months have proven our business model, and have convinced our investors to up their commitment” – said Johannes Sevket Gözalan, founder and CEO of the European Games Group – “With the additional capital, we can expand our portfolio significantly and support developers worldwide in successfully positioning, marketing and scaling their online and mobile games in a highly competitive market environment.”

The EGG chooses to partner with developers over publishing them, acting more as an outsourced marketing team, and is currently looking for new mobile free-to-play games to partner with.

Source: Pocketgamer, Ventech

FinTecSystems secures Series A investment to bring real-time credit checks to the financial industry

FinTecSystems, entreprise délivrant des données et des analyses à l’industrie des services financiers, a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir obtenu un tour de financement en série A. Mené par les fonds de capital-risque Ventech et LITTLEROCK, le tour s’élève à plusieurs millions. Les anciens investisseurs MenschDanke Capital et Heilemann Ventures ont eux aussi participé à cette série A, complétant ainsi le cercle d’investisseurs pour promouvoir activement l’entreprise à l’international.

Fondée en 2014 à Munich, FinTecSystems fournit aux institutions financières, notamment les banques, des analyses financières en temps réel permettant de créer une vue d’ensemble précise de la situation financière d’un client et de sa solvabilité. En utilisant la technologie de FinTecSystems, il est possible de réduire les procédures d’emprunts de plusieurs semaines à quelques minutes. Grâce à la plateforme de FinTecSystems, les banques et autres prestataires de services financiers seront désormais capables de procéder à des analyses de données intelligentes pour l’octroi de crédits, minimisant ainsi le risque encouru. Les décisions sont basées sur l’information se trouvant sur les comptes bancaires en ligne. Parmi les clients de FinTecSystems, figurent Solaris Bank (banque), Finreach (service de migration de comptes), Lendico (prêts) et Deutsche Telekom (télécom).

“Avec l’obtention de ce premier tour de financement, nous allons pouvoir mettre en œuvre notre stratégie ambitieuse d’expansion en Europe. Cela permettra également à FinTecSystems de construire sa réputation de pionnier technologique sur ce marché“ explique Stefan Krautkraemer, PDG et fondateur de FinTecSystems. “Nous avons atteint avec succès notre objectif de l’année passée d’établir FinTecSystems non seulement comme un expert des API bancaires, mais aussi comme un outil fiable de traitement des données bancaires. Nous sommes ravis d’être soutenu par une équipe d’investisseurs reconnus pour leur instinct entrepreneurial et qui pourront montrer la voie à FinTecSystems afin de connaître un succès d’envergure internationale“.

Christian Claussen, directeur associé chez Ventech, fonds européen basé à Paris, Munich et Helsinki a ajouté : “La digitalisation de l’industrie financière était en retard mais heureusement, elle s’accélère aujourd’hui. Nous apprécions les entreprises qui, comme FinTecSystems, offrent à l’industrie financière des solutions d’infrastructure digitale pérenne.“

Noel Zeh, fondateur partenaire de LITTLEROCK, le fonds de capital-risque de Düsseldorf dont la logique d’investissement cible des équipes fondatrices passionnées et d’excellente qualité, a commenté : “Dix ans d’expérience dans la FinTech, c’est extrêmement rare. Nous sommes profondément convaincus que cette expertise, associée à un produit d’exception, restera un atout puissant pour la réussite de FinTecSystems“

Le marché du prêt en ligne est en croissance. D’après le Bankenfachverband (BFACH) en Allemagne, un cinquième des prêts à la consommation sont traités en ligne. Les principaux acteurs sont les banques qui ont prêté environ six milliards d’euros en 2015, une augmentation de 20% comparée à l’année précédente. Selon le BFACH, cette croissance a pour principale cause l’innovation de rupture au sein des procédés de demande de prêts. Les procédés nécessitent souvent un formulaire écrit et un effort manuel. Un accord de prêt digitalisé, rendu possible grâce à la solution de FinTecSystems, est donc une nécessité pour continuer à développer cette industrie.

Points clés

  • Cette levée servira à renforcer la chaîne de valeur de FinTecSystems et à promouvoir son expansion internationale
  • Cette série A est menée par les fonds de capital-risque Ventech et LITTLEROCK
  • Les investisseurs initiaux MenschDanke Capital et Heilemann Ventures participent également à la levée
  • FinTecSytems souhaite capitaliser sur l’essor de l’industrie des prêts en ligne : 20% de croissance pour les prêts à la consommation

A propos de FinTecSystems
FinTecSystems, fondé en 2014 à Munich par Stefan Krautkrämer et Dirk Rudolf, s’est spécialisé dans l’analyse financière entièrement automatisée basée sur les données bancaires en lignes. Avec l’aide de ses produits, déjà utilisables par les citoyens allemands et autrichiens, FinTecSystems fournit des analyses précises sur la solvabilité des individus. Ainsi, FinTecSystems permet aux banques et aux fournisseurs de services financiers de prendre des décisions en temps réel sur l’octroi de crédits. Cela rend donc les procédés de demandes de prêts plus rapides, plus simples, plus valables et enfin digitalisés.

Press contact:
Dan Walsh
+44 (0) 7827 816 971FinTecSystems, the company that provides critical data and analysis to the financial services industry, today announces it has secured its Series A investment round. Led by VCs Ventech and LITTLEROCK, the round is in the seven figure range. Previous investors MenschDanke Capital and Heilemann Ventures have also participated in the Series A, completing the circle of investors that will actively drive forward the business internationally.

Founded in 2014 in Munich, FinTecSystems provides financial institutions such as banks with real-time financial data analysis that creates an accurate overview of a consumer’s financial situation and creditworthiness. Using FinTecSystems’ technology, the loan application process is reduced from weeks to minutes. Banks and financial services providers are able to process smart data-driven credit decisions through the analysis of the data provided by FinTecSystem’s platform, helping to minimise risk.  Decisions are based on the information gathered from online banking accounts.  Customers of FinTecSystems include Solaris Bank (bank), Finreach (account switching services), Lendico (loans) and Deutsche Telekom (telecoms).

“With our Series A round secured, we will now push through our ambitious plans for European expansion. It will also enable FinTecSystems to build on our reputation as a technological leader in the market,” said Stefan Krautkraemer, CEO and Founder of FinTecSystems. “We successfully achieved last year’s challenge to establish FinTecSystems not only as a banking API expert, but also as a trusted credit data processor . We are very happy to be backed by a team of investors that are known for their entrepreneurial instinct, and who can pave a way for FinTecSystems to succeed internationally.“

Christian Claussen, Managing Partner of Paris-based Ventech, which runs also offices in Munich and Helsinki added: “The digitisation of the financial industry was long overdue and thankfully it is now speeding up. We are convinced of companies like FinTecSystems that provide solutions for a sustainable digital infrastructure in the financial industry.”

Noel Zeh, Founding-Partner of LITTLEROCK, the venture capitalists from Duesseldorf, dedicated to an investment approach with a focus on passionate and high-profile founding  teams commented: “Ten years of experience in FinTech is extremely rare. We firmly believe this expertise combined with a strong product will bring the success story forward for FinTecSystems.”

The online lending business is a growing business. According to Bankenfachverband (BFACH) in Germany, every fifth consumer loan is now being processed online. The main players are banks that have lent around six billion euros in 2015, an increase of about 20 percent compared to the previous year. This development, the BFACH said, has slowed down mainly due to media disruption within the loan application process. The process itself often requires written form and manual efforts. A digital loan agreement, which is  enabled through the FinTecSystems solution, is therefore a requirement for further positive development in the market.

Key points:

  • Fresh capital will be used to strengthen FinTecSystems’ value chain and aid international expansion
  • Series A led by VCs Ventech and LITTLEROCK
  • Previous backers MenschDanke Capital and Heilemann Ventures also participate in the round
  • FinTecSytems aims to capitalise on the booming industry of online loans: 20 percent increase in consumer loans

About FinTecSystems
FinTecSystems, founded 2014 in Munich by Stefan Krautkrämer and Dirk Rudolf, has specialized in the fully automated financial analysis based on online banking data. With the help of its products, which can be used by consumers in Germany and Austria, FinTecSystems provides precise analysis  of the creditworthiness of consumers. FinTecSystems thus enabling banks, financial and payment service providers to take credit decisions in real time. Thus, the loan application process is faster, simpler, more valid and finally digital.


Press contact:
Dan Walsh
+44 (0) 7827 816 971

inSided, the New Community Engagement Platform, Raises € 6M Series A Round

Amsterdam, le 24 février 2016 – Basée à Amsterdam et spécialisée dans la gestion de communautés pour les marques, la société InSided a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir levé 6 millions d’Euros lors d’un nouveau tour de table, mené par le fonds européen Ventech, et accompagné par les fonds henQ et Fortino Capital. L’investissement survient suite à la signature de grands comptes internationaux et d’une rapide expansion Européenne.

«A l’heure où les entreprises sont très actives sur les réseaux sociaux externes, inSided fournit une plateforme communautaire propriétaire pour des marques comme Sonos, TomTom et Ahold», explique Robin van Lieshout, PDG d’inSided. «Beaucoup d’entreprises construisent leur présence en ligne sur un terrain emprunté, ce qui peut être dangereux sur le long terme». Alors que les forums communautaires traditionnels existent depuis des décennies, inSided a ajouté les dernières technologies du marché pour répondre aux objectifs chiffrés des marques et atteindre des résultats surprenants tels qu’une baisse de 80% d’appels au service client, conduisant à plus de 3,5 M € économie par an pour T-Mobile, ou une augmentation de 19 points du NPS pour Rabobank.

«Alors que de plus en plus d’entreprises investissent dans l’expérience client en ligne, nous avons réalisé qu’inSided était un atout très pertinent pour les marques» commente Duco Sickinghe, Partner chez Fortino Capital. «InSided offre aux entreprises une façon de se connecter à grande échelle avec leurs clients et permet à ces consommateurs d’interagir efficacement entre eux et avec la marque». Les clients peuvent poser des questions, trouver des réponses, co-créer, partager des expériences et fournir des avis sur des produits et services – tout cela sur des canaux digitaux que la marque possède et contrôle. La plateforme est hébergée dans le cloud d’Amazon, et bénéficie de nombreuses intégrations avec des solutions de CRM et d’analytiques.

«La capacité d’exécution de leur stratégie et la forte culture d’entreprise démontrées par inSided positionnent la société comme leader du marché», ajoute Coen van Duiven, Partner chez henQ. «Cet investissement sera utilisé pour soutenir la stratégie d’internationalisation déjà en cours, ainsi que pour accélérer la vitesse de l’innovation produit». inSided double de taille chaque année, compte actuellement plus de 60 employés et a ouvert quatre nouveaux pays sur les derniers mois: la France, l’Allemagne, l’Irlande, la Finlande et l’Espagne. Au cours des 12 prochains mois, inSided embauchera entre 50 et 100 nouveaux employés dans le monde afin de renforcer son équipe et son leadership sur le marché européen.

«En investissant aux côtés de henQ et Fortino Capital, nous mettons au profit d’inSided un puissant syndicat en terme d’expérience, d’efficacité et de capacité opérationnelle», précise Audrey Soussan, directrice chez Ventech. «Nous sommes vraiment ravis de travailler avec cette équipe d’investisseurs très internationale et de renforcer les ambitions mondiales d’inSided».Amsterdam, 24 February 2016 – Amsterdam-based community engagement platform inSided, today announced a € 6 million Series A investment round, led by global venture capital fund Ventech, together with Fortino Capital and henQ. The investment follows after welcoming large enterprise customers and a fast expansion across Europe.

“While many companies are active on external social media, inSided provides a company owned social platform for brands like Sonos, TomTom and Ahold” says Robin van Lieshout, CEO of inSided. “Many companies now build their online presence on borrowed ground, which can be dangerous in the long term”. While traditional forum-based communities have been around for decades, inSided has added technology to reach existing company business goals, with results like 80% less calls to the contact centre leading to over € 3.5m saved per year for T-Mobile, or increasing NPS by 19 points for Rabobank.

“As more and more companies are investing in digital customer experience, we realized that inSided can make brands relevant again” says Duco Sickinghe, partner at Fortino Capital. “inSided provides a way for businesses to connect at large scale with their customers, and empowers these customers to interact efficiently amongst each other and with brands”. Customers can ask questions, find answers, co-create, share experiences and provide reviews on products and services – all on the owned digital channels. The platform runs on the Amazon cloud, and offers deep business integrations with systems like CRM and analytics.

“The ability to execute on their strategy and the strong company culture set inSided up for market leadership” says Coen van Duiven, partner at henQ. “This investment will be used to support the ongoing internationalization strategy as well as increasing the speed of product innovation”. inSided doubles in size every year, currently has 60+ employees and in the last months expanded to France, Germany, Ireland, Finland and Spain. In the coming 12 months, inSided will hire between 50 and 100 new employees worldwide to strengthen its team and market leadership in Europe.

“By investing together with henQ and Fortino Capital, we can leverage experience, effectiveness and operational strength.” says Audrey Soussan, Principal at Ventech. “Working with this international team of investors we are really excited to strengthen the global ambitions of inSided”.

Integrated artificial intelligence startup Tellmeplus raises $4.7m in new funding, appoints former Neolane co-founder Benoit Gourdon as CEO

9 Février 2016

La startup TELLMEPLUS à la pointe de l’intelligence artificielle embarquée lève 4,2M€ –
Benoit Gourdon rejoint la société en tant que CEO

Le spécialiste des logiciels d’analyses prédictives et prescriptives TELLMEPLUS, accéléré
par AXELEO, lève 4,2M€ auprès des fonds d’investissement VENTECH (lead investor), Runa
Capital , Soridec, Jeremie LR, Sferen Innovation (Mutuelles Macif & Matmut), XAnge et
d’investisseurs privés et pour une part non dilutive auprès d’un établissement bancaire.
A l’occasion de ce tour de table, TELLMEPLUS, créé en 2011 à Montpellier (France) par
Jean-Michel Cambot, l’inventeur et l’auteur du logiciel à l’origine de BUSINESS OBJECTS
(acquis par SAP 6,8Md$ en 2007), renforce son top management et accueille Benoit
Gourdon, co-fondateur de NEOLANE (acquis en 2013 pour 600M$ par ADOBE), en tant
que CEO.

Leur objectif : poursuivre le développement de solutions disruptives d’intelligence
artificielle embarquée et permettre la transformation de TELLMEPLUS en un acteur

Forte d’une équipe de onze personnes principalement des ingénieurs et des scientifiques
de premier plan, TELLMEPLUS vient de lancer sur le marché ses premières solutions
logicielles dédiées à l’analyse prédictive et prescriptive basées sur l’intelligence
artificielle appliquée au Big Data.

Les solutions logicielles de TELLMEPLUS, les Predictive Objects, disponibles dans le cloud,
permettent de prévoir le comportement des personnes ou des objets, les tendances, les
risques et les opportunités. Elles permettent aux entreprises d’anticiper et de mettre en
oeuvre les plans d’actions appropriés, comme par exemple de corréler des signaux
faibles au churn ou à l’ARPU. Les premiers retours des clients sont sans appel : prédire 2
mois en avance quel utilisateur va partir ainsi que la séquence d’événements expliquant
son départ, avec plus de 90% de précision. De plus, la mise en oeuvre est très simple,
s’affranchit de la complexité de la préparation des données et se fait seulement en
quelques jours ce qui constitue une réelle performance.

Dès 2016, TELLMEPLUS va embarquer ses solutions logicielles dans les objets connectés
(IoT) permettant de déplacer l’intelligence dans ces objets. Ils deviennent alors
autonomes même sans réseau et préfigurent des enjeux de demain : maintenance
prescriptive, contrôle qualité prédictif, gestion intelligente de l’énergie, résilience,
transports, smart home, smart cities …

Sur un secteur de l’IA bouillonnant sur la scène internationale, TELLMEPLUS va désormais
se faire une place parmi les « Tech Champions » du domaine en comptant sur ses
nouveaux soutiens de poids.

Benoit Gourdon, co-fondateur de Neolane, participe à ce tour de financement et rejoint
TELLMEPLUS comme CEO et Chairman of the Board. « TELLMEPLUS dispose d’un potentiel
de marché mondial pour ses technologies d’analyse prédictive et prescriptive,
développées par une équipe de scientifiques de premier ordre. Le tour de financement
a pour objectif de nous permettre de poursuivre le développement de nos solutions et
de lancer une commercialisation internationale dès cette année ».
Alain Caffi, Président de Ventech, lead investor de cette opération, témoigne : « Menée
par Benoit Gourdon et Jean-Michel Cambot, l’équipe de TELLMEPLUS dispose d’une
capacité technologique au meilleur niveau mondial dans le secteur de l’intelligence
prédictive et prescriptive pouvant être embarquée dans l’IoT. Ventech se réjouit de
soutenir le développement de la société avec des perspectives stratégiques au niveau

Jean-Michel Cambot, fondateur de TELLMEPLUS en 2011 qui poursuit son rôle stratégique
et technologique au sein de la société en tant que CIO et COO : « Machine to Machine,
maintenance prédictive, IoT, Automotive, Energie, Transports, Smart Cities, Santé … Le
terrain de jeu des Predictive Objects est immense et nous sommes prêts ! »
Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner de Runa Capital. «TellMePlus est une combinaison
d’une technologie innovante et d’une excellente équipe. Avant de rejoindre TMP, les
fondateurs ont participé à la constitution de deux fantastiques exemples de sociétés
technologiques en Europe : Business Objects et Neolane. Aujourd’hui ils ont créé une
plateforme absolument unique d’intelligence artificielle. Le logiciel est très léger en
terme de consommation de ressources matérielles, donc nous croyons à sa large
utilisation pour l’IoT (capteurs, caméras, systèmes personnels, drones,…), rendant ces
objets intelligents plus intelligents et même plus utiles. » a commenté Dmitry Chikhachev,
managing partner de Runa Capital. « Et je tiens à souligner que nos équipes de Runa
Capital apprécient de travailler avec la French Tech – TMP est notre 3ème investissement
en France et nous apprécions particulièrement la culture de l’innovation et les talents
techniques des entrepreneurs français ».

Intervenants :

TELLMEPLUS : Jean-Michel Cambot (Fondateur) et Benoit Gourdon (CEO à compter du
du 1er février 2016)

Investisseurs :

Ventech (Alain Caffi,Claire Houry )
Runa Capital (Dmitry Chikhachev, Dmitry Galperin)
Soridec (Julien Sainte-Catherine)
Sferen Innovation (Julien Bourret)
XAnge (Nicolas Rose)

Conseils Société :

Accélérateur : Axeleo (Christophe Dumoulin, Eric Burdier)
Conseil Financier : Développement & Finance (Marc Sounigo, Olivier Desurmont)
Conseil juridique : Cohen&Gresser (Olivier Lopez, Lovel Greiner)
Conseils Investisseurs :
Conseil juridique Ventech : Gide (Pierre Karpik, Pauline Chau)
Due diligence Ventech : dd financière & legale Ernst & Young (Emmanuel Picard , François
Poncet, Benjamin Poissonnier)dd stratégique Amélie Faure dd IT Jean Marc Kerisit

A propos de Ventech

Ventech (www.ventech vc.com) avec des bureaux à Paris, Munich et Helsinki est l’une des
sociétés leader de capital-risque en Europe ; Ventech investit dans des sociétés à potentiel
international liées à l’économie numérique (Internet, médias, e-commerce, mobile, logiciels
et infrastructures de communication). Avec 430 M € levés depuis 1998, Ventech a investi dans
plus de 100 sociétés en Europe, en Russie et aux États-Unis.
Ventech est également présent en Chine depuis 2006, avec plus de 300 M $ levés depuis
2006 et une équipe dédiée basée à Shanghai.

A propos de Runa Capital

Runa Capital, fonds international de capital risque, avec des bureaux en Europe, aux
Etats-Unis et en Russie, guide les startups technologiques de la prochaine génération
pour qu’elles deviennent des leaders sur un marché global. Runa Capital gère plus de
$270 million et investit principalement dans des sociétés early-stage ou de croissance
dans les secteurs du cloud pour les PME, les logiciels complexes, les technologies pour
l’éducation, la fintech, les services publics, la santé digitale,…

Le portefeuille est actuellement constitué de plus de 40 jeunes entreprises ambitieuses de
partout dans le monde (telles que NGINX, MariaDB, Zopa, Ecwid, LendingRobot,…). Pour
en savoir plus : http://www.runacap.com

A propos de Sferen Innovation

SFEREN est une Société de Groupe d’Assurance Mutuelle (SGAM) créée en 2009 et
qui regroupe la Macif et la Matmut. Elle est un pôle mutualiste référent sur le marché
français de l’assurance.

C’est dans le cadre de SFEREN que la Macif et la Matmut ont créé SFEREN
Innovation en 2015, une structure commune d’investissement destinée à prendre des
participations dans des entreprises spécialisées dans les innovations technologiques
s’inscrivant dans la chaîne de valeur des métiers de l’assurance.

Le groupe Macif couvre les besoins de plus de 5,2 millions de sociétaires, en
assurances de dommages, santé/prévoyance, finance/épargne. Gérant plus de 17
millions de contrats au 1er janvier 2015, le Groupe aux valeurs mutualistes a réalisé un
chiffre d’affaires de 5,9 milliards d’euros en 2014. Plus d’informations sur www.macif.fr
Avec près de 3 millions de sociétaires et près de 6,6 millions de contrats d’assurance
gérés (au 31 décembre 2014), le Groupe Matmut est aujourd’hui un acteur majeur
sur le marché français de l’assurance. Il offre à tous – particuliers, professionnels,
entreprises, associations – une gamme complète de produits d’assurance des
personnes et des biens et de services financiers et d’épargne. Le Groupe a réalisé un
chiffre d’affaires de 1,9 milliard d’euros en 2014. Il emploie plus de 5 800 personnes.
Toutes les informations sur le Groupe Matmut : www.matmut.fr

A propos de Soridec

Soridec est une Société de Capital Investissement, basée à Montpellier. Elle gere 60 M€ de
fonds propres à travers plusieurs fonds dont Jeremie LR Soridec est une structure généraliste
qui réalise des investissements de 100 K€ à 3 M€ dans des sociétés en création,
développement ou transmission essentiellement basées en Languedoc Roussillon.
Le portefeuille actuel est constitué de 60 affiliés dans divers secteurs dont plus de la moitié
sont des entreprises jeunes et technologiques.

A propos d’Xange

XAnge est un fonds de capital-innovation (venture capital) franco-allemand qui
finance et accompagne les entrepreneurs de startups à forte croissance proposant
des ruptures d’usages B2B ou B2C. Avec deux bureaux à Paris et à Munich, XAnge a
plus de €400m sous gestion, et a financé plus de 70 entreprises depuis sa création en
2004. Depuis 2016, XAnge a rejoint le groupe Siparex, un des leaders français du

L’équipe d’investissement d’XAnge est spécialisée dans le secteur numérique, avec
des expertises spécifiques sur le SaaS, les places de marché, internet et les Fintech.
XAnge investit dans 5 à 10 nouvelles sociétés par an, des tickets allant de €500k à

A propos d’Axeleo

Accélérateur de référence des futurs tech champions français du B2B, la mission d’Axeleo est
de contribuer à leur croissance, en France et à l’international, en les accompagnant
durablement sur un plan organisationnel, commercial, et financier avec l’appui d’un
écosystème professionnel et d’une partnership de 40 entrepreneurs à succès.

A propos de Développement & Finance

D&F conseil en M&A depuis près de 30 ans conçoit et met en oeuvre des stratégies
actionnariales pour des Entrepreneurs à succès du marché Français et a réalisé plus de
2md€ de transactions pour le compte de ses clients

Contacts Presse

TELLMEPLUS-Jean Michel Cambot jmcambot@tellmeplus.com
VENTECH -Claire Houry claire.houry@ventechvc.comParis, France & San Francisco, Calif., February 8, 2016 – Tellmeplus, the expert in IA-based
predictive and prescriptive analysis accelerated by Axeleo, announced today that it has
raised a $4.7m round of funding led by Ventech Capital. Runa Capital, Soridec, Sferen
Innovation, XAnge Private Equity as well as several private investors also participated in
the round.

The company also announced that it is reinforcing its executive management through
the appointment of Benoit Gourdon, co-founder of Neolane (acquired by Adobe in 2013
for $600m) as CEO.

Tellmeplus, which was founded in 2011 in Montpellier (France) by Jean-Michel Cambot,
the original inventor of Business Objects (acquired by SAP for $6.8b in 2007), will use this
funding to continue developing disruptive solutions for integrated artificial intelligence
and to expand their operations, aiming to become a contender on the global software

With an experienced team primarily constituted of highly skilled software engineers and
researchers, Tellmeplus has recently launched the first software solution dedicated to
predictive and prescriptive analysis based on artificial intelligence applied to Big Data.

Tellmeplus’ solutions, Predictive Objects, run in the cloud and are able to predict the
behavior of persons or objects, identifying trends, risks and opportunities from weak
signals in the data. For example, they empower organizations to anticipate customer
churn or ARPU (Average Revenue per User) and to implement appropriate action plans
when necessary. Feedback from the early adopters of the solution is clear: Tellmeplus has
demonstrated an ability to predict 2 months in advance with more than 90% accuracy
which users will leave and explain the sequence of events leading to this departure,.
Moreover, the solution has proven very easy to implement, alleviating the complexity
usually involved with assembling data: a typical deployment is up and running – and
delivering value – in only a few weeks.

In 2016, Tellmeplus plans to start integrating its technology into connected objects on the
Internet of Things, enabling intelligence to be transferred inside these objects. Objects
then become autonomous, even when network connectivity isn’t available, anticipating
the challenges of tomorrow: prescriptive maintenance, predictive quality control,
intelligent energy management, resilience, transports, smart homes, smart cities, and

Benoit Gourdon, co-founder of Neolane joins TELLMEPLUS as CEO and Chairman of the
Board. He declared: “TELLMEPLUS has developed a world class technology with a worldclass
engineering team. This funding round will enable us to accelerate its development
and its internationalization”.

Alain Caffi, President of Ventech, lead investor in this venture, declared: “Under the
leadership of Benoit Gourdon and Jean-Michel Cambot, the TELLMEPLUS team has
developed a cutting edge technology in the predictive and prescriptive intelligence
sector with applications for the Internet of Things. Ventech is very excited to work with
the team to boost its international development”.

Jean-Michel Cambot, founder of TELLMEPLUS in 2011 who is continuing to fulfil his
strategic and technological roles in the company as CIO and Deputy GM: “Machine to
Machine, predictive maintenance, IoT, Automotive, Energy, Transports, Smart Cities,
Healthcare… there is an immense playing field for Predictive Objects and we are ready
for it!”

Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner of Runa Capital.” TellMePlus is a combination of
innovative tech and great team. TellMePlus management and founder were involved in
building two fantastic examples of European tech – Business Objects and Neolane. Now
they have created absolutely unique Artificial Intelligence platform. It is very lightweight
in terms of hardware footprint, so we will see it widely used in IoT – meters, cameras,
wearables, drones, etc. – making these devices smarter and more useful, – commented
Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner of Runa Capital. – And I want to say that at Runa
Capital, we like to work with French startups – this is our third investment here and we
really enjoy the culture of innovation and strong technical skills of French entrepreneurs”.

About Ventech

Ventech, one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, invests through offices in Paris,
Munich and Helsinki into high-growth companies with activities in the digital economy.
With more than 400M€ raised since 1998, Ventech has invested in over 120 companies in
Europe, China, Russia and in the US.Ventech is also present in China since 2006, with a
dedicated team based in Shanghai managing 3 dedicated funds. In 2015, Ventech
China announced first close of its 110M$-large third fund.

About Runa Capital

Runa Capital – international venture fund with offices in Europe, USA and Russia guiding
the next generation of tech startups to become leaders in the global
market. Runa Capital has over $270 million under management. Fund mostly focus on
early and growth-stage tech companies in cloud for SMB’s, complex software, edutech,
fintech, public services, digital health etc. Now fund portfolio includes more than 40
young ambitious companies from all over the world (such as NGINX, MariaDB, Zopa,
Ecwid, LendingRobot etc. Find more at http://www.runacap.com

About Axeleo

Axeleo is the reference accelerator of future French B2B tech champions.
Its mission: to contribute to the strong and profitable growth of early stage innovating
companies of the digital sector, in France and on the international stage, by providing
them with long term organizational, commercial and financial assistance with the
support of a business ecosystem and a partnership composed of more than 40 successful

About Sferen Innovation

Founded in 2009, SFEREN is a Mutual Insurance Group Company (SGAM) which groups
together the Macif and Matmut. It is a leading mutual parent company on the French
insurance market.

Through SFEREN, the Macif and Matmut set up SFEREN Innovation in 2015, a joint
investment structure intended to acquire holdings in companies that specialize in
technological innovations fitting squarely within the value chain of the insurance

The Macif group covers the needs of more than 5.2 million policyholders through
damage insurance, health/personal protection and finance/savings plans. Managing
over 17 million policies as at 1 January 2015, the Group with mutualist values achieved a
turnover of EUR 5.9 billion in 2014. Find out more at www.macif.fr

The Matmut Group with almost 3 million policyholders and some 6.6 million insurance
policies on its books (as at 31 December 2014), is a leader on the French insurance
market today. It provides all sections of society – households, professionals, companies
and associations – with a complete range of insurance products for protecting people
and property, as well as financial services and savings plans. The Group’s turnover was
EUR 1.9 billion in 2014. It employs more than 5,800 people. For full information about the
Matmut Group go to: www.matmut.fr

About Soridec

Soridec is a Venture Capital firm, based in Montpellier (France). The company has € 60
million under active management Soridec manages seed and venture funds of which
Jeremie LR,, allowing itself to invest from 100 K€ to 3 M€ in the early institutional rounds of
high growth companies located in Languedoc-Roussillon.
Its active portfolio of more than 60 companies is highly diversified by sectors with more
than half of them being start-ups.

About XAnge

XAnge is a Franco-German VC fund focused on financing and accompanying fastgrowing
startups led by entrepreneurs disrupting both B2B and B2C use cases. With
offices in Paris and Munich, XAnge has over €400m under management, and financed
over 70 companies since its inception in 2004. Since 2016, XAnge is part of the Siparex
group, a leading player of Private Equity in France.

XAnge investors are dedicated to the digital sector, with specific expertise in SaaS,
Marketplaces, Web and Fintech. The fund typically invests in 5 to 10 new companies a
year, with tickets ranging from €500k to €5m+ per round.

About Développement &Finance

Développement & Finance acting as an M&A advisory firm for nearly 30 years has been
designing and implementing shareholders strategies for successful Entrepreneurs in
France., D&F has completed a volume of transactions for its clients representing more
than €2.0 billion.

Press Contact

TELLMEPLUS-Jean Michel Cambot jmcambot@tellmeplus.com
VENTECH -Claire Houry claire.houry@ventechvc.com