Withings, the French company that specializes in the connected wellness and health market, already celebrated for its WiFi Body Scale, announces the availability of the Withings blood pressure monitor with online monitoring and tracking. This blood pressure monitor connects directly into an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) with a syncing cable. This exceptional product was revealed at the 2011 Consumer Electronics show and has just obtained EC medical and is now available for sale.

With hypertension affecting almost 25% of the world population, blood pressure measurement can help to save lives. However, until now, taking your blood pressure required the use of complex devices with multiple manipulations, mathematical operations and data recording procedures. Self-measurement has been recommended by the medical profession for many years, but no one had yet found concrete solutions to expand its use.

Withings chose to revisit the blood pressure monitor to make of it a beautiful and simple connected object for daily use. With this blood pressure monitor, taking and understanding your blood pressure is as simple as child’s play. It features a universal arm-band for use with multiple users. This compact object is the ideal blood pressure monitor for the entire family. The data is then recorded and preserved on the private space made safe online of the user. The information can also be seen via any iOS device or any connected screen. The user will be able to see their entire history of BP measurements, plus graphs and curves that are drawn automatically. Users will also see color codes to see recommended pressure values to alert them of high or low pressures.

Doctors Guillaume Bobrie and Nicolas Postel-Vinay from the hypertension department of the European hospital Georges Pompidou of Paris, both members of the scientific committee www.automesure.com state: “For automesure of the blood pressure, to facilitate the exchange of the results of measurement of the patients with the medical profession is essential. By recording measurements automatically, with mention of the dates, hours and calculations of the average, this new device connected work in this direction. The hypertensive patients have any advantage to take part in their assumption of responsibility by including/understanding their own situation better“.

Withings shares its API with third party partners in order to provide users with added value services. Just like they did for their WiFi Body Scale, Withings is partnering with platforms such as e-coaching services, fitness trackers and online health records such as Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault to bring sharing and tracking to blood pressure.

Cédric Hutchings, Withings co-founder says, “Apple revolutionized the smartphones in their conferring and ergonomics without equivalent. We extend this revolution in the field of health and the good of bringing connectivity there. We showed it with Withings WiFi Body Scale and we show it today with the Withings blood pressure monitor“.

The Withings blood pressure monitor works together with an iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. The Withings blood pressure monitor, priced 129 euros at www.withings.com is available starting today. The free withings app is available on the Apple AppStore.

For thre press folder and high resolution images, visit www.withings.com/press

About Withings
Withings designs, develops, and industrializes connected objects. Withings is a French start-up established by three executives from technology and telecom industry. With a focus on innovation and design for everyday products, Withings introduced in September 2009 its first-of-its-kind WiFi Bodyscale in the world. Withings is an actor of the Internet of Things. Increasing capacities of an object by network resources allows accessing to infinite calculation and storage capacities without increasing the cost. The object’s interfaces are also ported to devices like mobile phones or computers, to benefit from their resources. Withings makes internet connected objects. www.withings.com