User base:
- In Q2 2011, the number of Viva’s users increased rapidly, reaching 30 million. As a result, Viva currently enjoys the biggest market share in China’s mobile reading industry.
- Since iPhone user base kept growing over last three months, Viva also saw a strong growth in iPhone active users particularly by upgrading its content. In the meanwhile, Android platform experienced the fastest growth in Q2 2011, which contributed to Viva’s strong growth in mobile app market downloads.

User stickiness:
- Viva has improved its user experience which contributes to its high active user rate: both Android active users and iPhone active users occupied more than 50% of the total users in 2011 Q2. Also, the improved user experience resulted in an increase of product stickiness, brand awareness and attracted more traffic from SNS.
- Viva has enlarged its magazine production capability by increasing the quality and quantity of its in house magazine titles based on readership data.