On September 5th, the 5th most powerful person in China, member of standing committee of CPC political Bureau, and deputy prime minister Li Chang Chun made a visit to VIVA office. Some other high ranking officials such as Beijing CPC party secretary Liu Qi (another political Bureau member), mayor Guo Jin Long, Head of SRAFT Cai Fuchao and Head of News & Publishing Bureau Liu Binjie accompanied him during the visit. This is a major form of recognition from the highest level of government.

Needless to say that the visit will greatly enhance VIVA’s standing with the government in this sensitive field that Viva is operating in. It puts Viva on par with some major players in the industry such as Baidu, another company he visited. As a result, it is getting special attention from a large number of media, requesting for interviews and such. It should help Viva gaining relevant licenses in the future and some edge in dealing with partners both in media and telecom. Following link is clip from CCTV Evening News, the most watched program in China.