Easou is a leading mobile Internet search engine company, which ranks as No. 4 mobile traffic site in China, following Tencent, UC Web, China Mobile(CMCC internal report, Aug 2010) and No.2 in mobile searching market just behind Baidu (according to user number) in China (Enfodesk, Sep 2010). Easou was founded in 2005 in Shenzhen by Mr. WANG Xi who has over 10 years experience in mobile internet and has sold his previous mobile value-added service company Shenzhen Xuntian Telecom Technology Company Ltd.(one of China’s first wireless community and Music.

China internet search market has experienced fast growth as number of internet users increase, with its market size growing from RMB 940M in 2005 to RMB 10B in 2010. Driven by improvement of mobile network connection and mobile device function, mobile search market is experiencing explosive growth in China. Mobile search user number has increased more than 3 folds from 2007 to 2009, while the market size expanded nearly 10 folds. With a larger potential user base, mobile search has the potential to build even larger market than classical internet in following years.

While competitors spend a lot in user acquisition, Easou has not largely promoted its brand and services. From an unknown name at the beginning, the monthly user number of Easou has increased to 86.6M in November 2010 from 29M in December 2009, nearly representing a 300% growth in one year.

Mobile search user number is expected to reach 322m in 2012 from 125m in 2009, with a CAGR above 35%. The market size is expected to reach RMB 1.86b in 2012 from RMB 290m in 2009 with a CAGR above 80% (iResearch, 2009 Jun).

2010 Q3 the China mobile search market daily search volume reached 462M times, increase by 15.2%, and the daily PV of mobile search reached 1.8B times. The mobile search market will keep a steady increase rate in the coming years.

The power of internet through mobile is that this device is 24h per day with the owner and offer much more than a PC. In a country where it is difficult for most of people to have several devices of this price, the smartphone is definitely the user’s choice. Mobile search is quite different from desktop search, in terms of hardware, software, network, content demand, user behavior and etc. That is why leading desktop search engine companies, such as Baidu and Google, cannot naturally extend their dominance into mobile search field. One thing in common between mobile search and desktop search is that it requires a long time and a large user base to accumulate data and expertise for optimization of search engine.