China Binary Sale Technology Limited (Shenzhoufu), one of Ventech China’s portfolios, listed on the GEM of the HKEx by way of placing on Dec.4th, 2013. The stock price increased 50% at the first day of IPO.

The market cap of the company is HK$1.78 Billion on Jan.20th, which is 6.2 times the value at IPO. And till Jan.20th, its 52 week high price reached 7.78 times of its IPO price, namely HK$4.67 per share.

The company principally provides online transaction services to online game operators through the use of the Shenzhoufu System, which accepts the use of mobile top-up credits by online game users for the charging of their online game accounts. Other types of the company’s business include distribution of online game products and operation of the Game Review Website.