The new world record in online shopping! We are talking about the annual Chinese online shopping carnival on November 11, during which day Taobao (an eBay-like marketplace) and Tmall (a B2C platform) totaled RMB 19.1 billion (approx. 3.06 billion US dollar), making the number a new world record, overshadowing the peers like 360buy, suning and Tencent 51buy. Previously the record belongs to the 2011 “Cyber Monday” in the US, where total sales was $1.25bn. 

And what else intrigued the geeks? Well, these threads, here and here:
- Total sales: 19.1 billion RMB. Tmall made 13.2bn RMB, taobao made 5.9bn
- In the first 1 minute, 10m people had visited Tmall. After 12 hours, 109 stores had made more than 10m RMB
- The two biggest mens clothing brands : Jack & Jones and GXG
- There were 213m registered accounts were active on this day (40% of China’s internet users)
- 105m orders – av. order value of 180RMB
- 3 stores made more than 100m RMB on the day.
- There were 7m mobile accounts active in the first 1 hour. By 2pm, 520m RMB of sales had been made via the mobile interface.