Chinese netizens clicked their way through purchases during a 24 hour online shopping frenzy on Nov 11, 2013, highlighting a booming online retail sector amid massive discounts and record-breaking sales numbers.
China’s e-commece giant Alibaba has seen sales at its two online platforms and rise more than 83% from a year ago to 35 bn yuan ($5.75bn) as the Chinese version of Cyber Monday ended midnight Monday.
The shopping spree falls on November 11, or Single’s Day, each year, as young Chinese either celebrate ot spray an end to singlehood.
Thirteen hours into this year’s Singles’ Day, Alibaba had beaten its own sales record of 19.1 bn yuan logged on the same day last year at around 1:00 pm.
The 24-hour shopping spree got off to a strong start as sales at Tmall and Taobao hit the 100m yuan mark 55 seconds adter midnight and grew more than 67 times about an hour laters, statistics from Alibaba showed.
Products ranging from milk powder and diapers to cell phones and clothes easily crossed the 100-million-yuan sales threshold.
Xiaomi, a company that sells Android smartphones at budget price, became the first company to hit the 100-million-threshold, as nearly 220,000 smartphones were sold out 3 minutes after sales opened at 12:30 am.

Source: China Daily