Boyaa Interactive, a Chinese game developer and operator, reportedly will go public on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in mid-Nov to raise between HK$936 million to HK$ 1.17 billion after launching roadshow on Oct. 21.

Focused on card games, Boyaa released around ten casual games since its establishment in 2004, including Texas Holdem, Douzhizhu, Mahjong, Draco Big, Dice, Pool, Shuangkou Poker, Happy Baby, Ant Wars, among others.

Boyaa developed both mobile and web games, which are available on several platforms, such as Tencent and facebook. The company also made forays into global market by introducing games to nearly 30 countries including Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Britain. The company claimed that it has attracted around 100 million users worldwide.

Driven by the gaming mania started earlier this year, Forgame and IGG, two recently listed gaming companies on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, are well received by the market.

Source: TechNode