FAB Universal Corp. (NYSE: FU), is listed with a ticker symbol meaning “good fortune and riches” in Chinese. FAB purchased the formerly U.S Wizzard Software Corp and injected its main business, which operates in three areas: software, healthcare and media service. The core focus of FAB Universal Corp is on the company’s media business, which consists of providing podcast hosting, distribution, audience analysis, advertising, content subscriptions and app sales for podcast producers worldwide. FAB Enterprise Group, founded in 1988, provides service platforms in digital pop culture, the core business of which is 5C (computer, communication, consumer electronic, content and car-electronic) terminals.

The successful listing on the NYSE of FAB begins the fusion between companies producing Chinese culture with international capital, said Zhang Hongcheng, Chairman of the Board of FAB Enterprise Group.

FAB, as a digital content supplier, can build a bridge between Chinese culture and the world, bringing more original Chinese content to the world’s culture industry, said Li Heng, President of Beijing National Copyright Trading Center.