The 2013 Global Mobile Internet Conference was held in Silicon Valley, San Francisco on Tuesday, with a number of Chinese companies such as Perfect world, Tencent, and Xiaomi participating in.

The Chinese companies have showed great interest in US mobile Internet market, which is estimated to generate revenue of 90 billion dollars, according to the US media.

Perfect World, which has sold its game products to over 100 countries and regions, has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in North America. Xiao Hong, CEO of the company said, “Our company’s strategy is to set up self-organizing subsidiaries in markets that are considered of special significance.” The company’s acquisition of American game studios are also considered as a success.
Tencent has taken over US-based game company Riot Game, which developed a world-popular game “League of Legends”, in order to enter the US market.

Xiaomi, known for its surprisingly increasing market value of 100 billion yuan ($16.43 billion), has invited Hugo Barra, former vice president of Google in.

Seniors of the circle analyzed that Chinese companies keep up with US peers on the mobile Internet industry, and with the popularization of 3G network and huge number of domestic users, they earned more opportunities to march into the global market.

Source: iResearch