According to the Seasonal Survey of Chinese Micro-blog Market 2011 Q4, the number of active users in Chinese micro-blog market was 249 million, with a sequential growth rate being 18% and a year-on-year increase of 146.5%. 

There are three reasons for the growth of active micro-blog users to slowed down and reached a steady level:

1. Following the boom in the first half of 2011, the growth of micro-blog users tended to be steady. The growth rate has fallen from 21.3% in Q3 to 18%. Micro-blog providers offer new products to satisfy user’s social need and improve users’ fidelity so as to maintain a steady growth of the number of active users. 

2. Chinese micro-blog providers mainly come from portal; therefore, the content of micro-blog is enriched. Through portals, users get information relative to micro-blog, which greatly improves micro-blog users’ experience. 

3. The number of registered micro-blog users came down due to the real name system. However, the qualification of users has been greatly improved, so as the content of micro-blog. In this way, the number of active users is kept steady.