In the beginning of 2012, it might be a perfect time to review the current size of online shopping while gauging the future as well. iResearch statistics revealed that transaction size of online shopping reached RMB 773.56 billion in 2011, with stunning increase 67.8% compared with 2010. However in the next five years, its rise will gradually reach plateau. From 2013 onwards, the growth will hover around 30%.

Eguan (another leading data research company in China) echoed similar view. It estimated that online transaction size in 2011 should be about RMB 806 billion and grew by 55% from 2010, in which B2C accounted for nearly 30%. Both iResearch and Eguan reached the consensus that B2C is the driving force behind the expansion of online transaction. In fact, B2C will incessantly catch up the gap with C2C beyond 2015.