According to Google, display ad market will grow from 20 billion USD to 50 billion USD in US in 2015, 50% of which is through RTB (Real Time Bidding). RTB has become new popular choice for internet and mobile display ads. From the beginning of 2012, Wisemedia (our new investment) successfully accesses to Google’s Doubleclick ADX display ad platform and Taobao’s TANX platform, which makes Wisemedia the first DSP (demand side platform) provider in China to realize multi-RTB-platform operation.

RTB model of display ad bidding is like a stock exchange, where media can provide empty ad space for advertisers and advertisers can bid for the space. RTB model is to match the best ad resources with most willingly advertisers, thus to give both side the best return, reducing advertisers’ purchase cost as well as media’s sales cost.

Wisemedia is DSP system provider to access to multi-platform through self-developed AdWise DSP RTB technology, which can use the ad’s characteristics such as time, area, target and price to help real-time-bid ad space and realize the value for every display. This technology can help solve the repeated population coverage problem and waste resources of ad space problem. Wisemedia has over 150 million active cookies in 2012.09. Wisemedia is one of the promising companies in RTB ad market.