Recently, Forbes China unveiled top 30 Chinese Mobile Internet Companies. Ventech China portfolio companies Easou and Viva were among the list. Within the list gaming companies occupy the majority share (11), the rest are divided among advertising, e-commerce, search, networking, and platform services.

According to Forbes, all of the companies had revenues of over 50 million RMB in 2011. This proves that these mobile internet companies had found an effective business model, proven yet again that it will not follow the recently burst group-buying bubble.

As China’s largest mobile search company, Easou’s has surpassed Baidu, occupying 37.5% of the market share, while Baidu occupied 35%. Its revenues are generated from advertisements (position and keywords) and virtual application store. The company has co-operated with smartphone vendors to pre-load its application in the devices. This will contributed 20 million users in 2012.

Viva on the other hand is one of the largest mobile magazine content providers in China, occupying over 70% of the market share. In 2012 accumulated user reached 65 million, an 328% increase from last year. Its first quarter revenue from advertisement was that of 2011 whole fiscal year, and its second quarter revenue doubled its first quarter revenue. According to Viva’s CEO Mr. Han Ying, Viva’s revenue model consists two parts; one is to co-operate with the three major carriers in China as a major mobile content provider. Second is to generate revenue through advertisement.

Some of the other companies are:, Sky-mobi, KongZhong, Talkweb Information System, UCWEb,, Fractalist, Easou Technology, 2gou, Yinhan,HYTC Information Consulting,, ,Viva Media,, Roboo, Haypi, Peral in Palm Information Technology, L mobile Media, Vpon, China Mobile games and Entertainment Group, NetDrago Websoft,, Papaya Mobile, Lakoo Games, T4game, Wistone Entertainment, NQ Mobile, Domob, and Ourpalm.