For e-commerce, smartphone apps are a fast-growing new battlefield, as shopping habit has significantly changed with the widespread of smartphones. Jumei’s new app is highly welcomed by shoppers for its super great shopping experience. Jumei has focused on quality test and service control to guarantee perfect shopping experience on apps. Since the new app is on Google store, many shoppers start to use it in bus, subway or even in bed to do panic buying on cosmetics. “Beauty battle is everywhere.” 

According to app cloud test platform Testin, Jumei’s app ranks No.1 among 18 e-commerce apps for its convenience and usefulness, of which usefulness rate is 99.80%. Jumei’s app supports Alipay, WAP safe payment, and it integrates logistic track, promotion push, one-click share. Moreover, Jumei gives coupon on first purchase through apps. As is measured by industry experts, mobile shopping will take 50% of total e-commerce revenue by the end of 2013. Jumei has grasped the advantage to go one step faster.