Jumei has become the official flagship store of L‟ORÉAL. According to officials of L‟ORÉAL, the company hasbroken the RMB 10 Billion revenue in China last year, a year on year growth rate of 18%. According to the official “this growth rate is contributed by our product innovation, new market development, and our focus of distribution channel.

Choosing Jumei‟s platform is our attempt to experiment with online marketing, and comprehensive distribution channel, at the same time pushing forward the group‟s „beauty popularized‟ strategy.” This confidence in Jumei is not without support. During the June 18 e-commerce group sales period, Jumei, as the only vertical B2C to enter the top 20 rank, proving its status as the No.1 cosmetic B2C platform in China. Its slogan “low price, genuine product” is the core of its unshaken stature.

Since 2010, Jumei has grown from an cosmetic e-commerce company with flash sales business model, to an industry leader with estimated revenue in the billions of RMB in 2012. According to Jumei‟s head of marketing department, “L‟ORÉAL‟s and our co-operation is based on Jumei‟s high quality traffic, flexible marketing strategy, efficient platform, and superior customer services.” This is also without a doubt, the reason for Jumei‟s hyper growth rate, and wide market acceptance among Chinese cosmetic users.