Adding another feather in the long-running, “Where is all the talent going?” cap over at EA, former Playfish executive Xavier Louis will be joining the MXP4 team in the role of Vice President of Product Marketing. With Playfish, he served as Product Marketing Director. With MXP4, Louis is expected to drive adoption of and monetization of the company’s interactive social-music gaming technology. 

We are elated to have an industry expert like Xavier join MXP4,” commented Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4. “With his extensive social gaming experience, he is an obvious choice to spearhead the continued development of our interactive music games.” 

If you’re not already familiar with MXP4’s program, they’re turning music into casual games. The goal is to pull passive music listeners (i.e., all of us) and convert them into active users who are inclined to share (read: distribute) their music preferences, and ultimately make more music purchases. Through this mechanism MXP4 offers value to both artists and marketers, all the while, providing a fun and engaging experience for end users. You might remember the company’s beta launch, featuring PUMP IT!, a Facebook game revolving around hit artist David Guetta’s single “Who’s that Chick.” The title garnered over half a million visits to the application, with users playing the game for more than 15 minutes per track. Of these 500,000 or so users, 50 percent of them ended up sharing this music and competing against social network friends, with some users player more than 500 times in a chance to win a meet-n-greet with Guetta himself. 

I am looking forward to applying my years of experience in social gaming to help forge the future of the nascent ‘social music gaming’ genre,” commented Xavier Louis. “MXP4’s mission is truly unique, and I am excited to join such a visionary team.” 

Since the arrival and death of music based games, i.e. Guitar Hero, we’ve yet to see a hard look at games and music, and how they can be capitalized upon in the massive social gaming market. It appears as though MXP4 is staring straight down the barrel of this loaded gun, and taking aim. The tech looks good, and I’d wager with a few more key promotions such as the Guetta deal, MXP4 could be the breakout story of 2011. Let’s see if Louis can work his former Playfish magic with MXP4. If so…hold on to your hats, as there’s a lot of tunes-based play ahead.