Development studio MXP4 is blending social music and gaming together in an effort to provide something new for web audiences — and it’s working. The company recently announced that its games are gaining in popularity, more than one million users having played its Pump It title and over 30 recording artists signing on to make use of MXP4′s applications since launch.

With only one month having passed since its release and such a large number of users currently having played Pump It, MXP4 can now begin to consider its app venture a success. The company’s mix of streaming music player and casual gaming elements has struck a chord for artists and fans alike, demonstrating the viability of MXP4′s new media and the untapped growth potential in the up-and coming social music industry.

Pump It shows promising signs of longevity too. Forty percent of its users have opted to share the app with their friends and traffic metrics have demonstrated that players have been returning to the game to chase high scores, unlock new features and vie for artist-related rewards (David Guetta’s Pump It saw over 13,000 plays as it promoted a chance to win a meet-and-greet with the musician). MXP4 has developed other games aside from the successful Pump It and plans to launch in-game monetization tests and new titles in the next financial quarter.