2011-08-23 Analysys International 

According to EnfoDesk, recently released by Analysys International, MIM (mobile instant messaging) accumulated accounts have reached 523 million in Q2, 2011, with a sequential growth rate being 6.25%. The growth rate maintained the same level for three consecutive quarters.

MIM is currently in a steady development. Weixin, MiTalk, Youni and other new MIM developed quickly. Analysys International holds that those IM are beginning to make increase accumulated accounts. With the passage of time, such a push will be further enhanced and the growth rate of MIM accumulated accounts will be maintained at present level.

Since Q2, 2009, the growth rate of MIM active accounts has been above that of accumulated accounts. Analysys International holds that with the steady growth rate of MIM accumulated accounts, manufactures will focus on the development of value. On the other hand, when traditional IM are challenged by new one, some problems of the old one, such as uneasy use, large power consumption, network interruption etc. will be attached great importance. Therefore, the number of IM active accounts will keep a rapid growth in the future.