2011-09-07 iResearch

iResearch collected the data of CV Source and found luxury goods become investment hot spot in E-commerce market in recent two years. The data shows financing of E-commerce websites amount to 4.13 billion US dollar between Jan. 2010 and Jul. 2011 in China, and number of financing is 143.

Moreover, financing amount of luxury goods buying websites reaches to 0.24 billion US dollar, sharing 5.8% in financing amount of E-commerce websites and ranking the fifth. However, number of financing of luxury goods buying websites is 16, sharing 11.2% in the number of financing of e-commerce and ranking the third, only second to group buying and apparels.

Research analyses luxury goods online shopping rises and develops because China online shopping users expand to group of high income. Meanwhile, viewed from category of E-commerce enterprises having gained financing, segment markets of E-commerce such as group buying, apparels and shoes
have become investment hot spots, which shows online shopping market is developing in the segmentation direction.