2011 is the year when China B2C market made considerable progress. According to seasonal survey of China B2C market 2011Q4, released by EnfoDesk, Analsys International China B2C market has created 76.41 Billion Yuan in Q4, with a sequential growth rate being 23% and a year-on-year increase of 77.3%.

The total transaction value is 240.1 Billion Yuan for 2011, up 130.8% compared with 2010,

The following three factors constitute the rapid growth in 2011:
- To get orders by a whale of advertisement is still an effective means. For example : Vancle, Suning, 51buy and Coo8 all made achievements in this way. The optimization of investment in 2011 brings about orders constantly.

- Traditional enterprises such as Suning, Belle and Yintai gradually invest more on their online services. With continuous recession of capital market, traditional enterprises’ electricity advertisement will take up more portions in the total share of advertisement-commerce ads in 2012. More than that, it will get benefit from operation agency platform, integrated solution providers and marketing providers which promotes traditional enterprises go online.

- The segment market with fairly great performance is mainly clothing and electronics market. They include shoes, appliance and woman’s clothes. Segment market is featured by high recognition from users, well-developed consumption habit, standard goods and easiness of scale.