According to the data of iResearch, online advertising is 18.93 billion Yuan in the second quarter of 2012, with a year on year growth of 64.2% and a quarter on quarter growth of 34.7%. Despite the decline in macroeconomic, the market maintains a rapid growth in this quarter. Some growing fields provided the major impetus for the market growth.

In the second quarter of 2012, notable changes take place in various segments of China’s online advertising market. In terms of market share, search advertising still rank the first, accounting for 36.3% of the whole; The following is the brand graphical advertising market, with a 27.7% share. Both of them experienced a decline compared with last quarter. However, vertical search advertising has outstanding performance in this quarter. Relying on a strong online shopping platform, shopping search such as Taobao sees rapid growth, with a market share up to 18.3%. At the same time, depending on popular TV series and a variety of shows, in-video advertising also gives eye-catching performance, a sharp increase in revenue and market share, reaching 8.8 %.

In Q2 2012, the overall online advertising market has increased 7.4 billion compared to Q2 2011, to which search contributed 2.44 billion, being the mainstay market. Vertical search and in-video advertising contributed 2.29 billion and 1.04 billion RMB respectively, contributing for half of the increase. The year-on year growth rate for these two fields exceeds 100%, becoming the main driving force for the market growth.