Last year, China invested $45.5 billion in clean energy compared to the $48.1 billion by United States, causing the country to cede its’ top ranking in clean energy investments to United States for the first time since 2009.

Despite China’s decline in the ranking, the country remains a global hub for clean energy, particularly in its support and use of wind energy and in wind-energy and solar energy components manufacturing. China has the capacity to generate 133 gW (gigawatts) of clean energy, accounting for 26 percent of the world total. It plans by 2020, the country will install 160 gW of wind power and 50 gW of solar power.

As of currently, China has the capacity to produce more than 64 gW of wind energy, however about a quarter or more of that capacity may not be operational or connected to the electrical grid.

In 2011, the country’s investments in solar energy increase to $11.3 billion and 2.3 gW of capacity was installed. Around 87 percent of private investment in clean energy in China came in the form of asset finance. Only 1 percent of China’s private investment for that purpose came from venture capital and private equity, while 11 percent of private investment in clean energy in China was through public markets.