Speaking in an interview with Mexican mainstream media, Chinese President Hu Jintao pledged his confidence to continue maintaining the country’s economic stability and fast development even as the global economy wavers. 

The Chinese government has rolled out a series of initiatives to spur the country’s economy, with great efforts to shore up consumption, investment and exports to ensure steady and robust growth and maintain social harmony and stability. 

Hu also indicated the country will continue to pursue a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy and maintain a balance between ensuring steady and robust growth, adjusting economic structure and managing inflationary expectations, Reuters reported. 

Hu urged all G20 members to continue to advance the reform of the international financial system, meet the target of IMF quota and governance reform, improve the international monetary system and enhance international financial regulation, according to the official China Daily report. 

Hu urged G20 members to sustain and strengthen “the “hard-won” momentum of economic recovery.