Cerep SA today announces the transfer of its shares from Euronext Paris to Alternext.

Cerep is a strategic partner of the pharmaceutical industry in the field of drug discovery. The Company
has developed technologies and know how dedicated to a new drug discovery strategy. Cerep provides
solutions allowing faster and cost effective drug discovery by identifying at early stages the most
promising drug candidates as well as eliminating those compounds likely to fail in development.
Cerep technologies aim at determining rapidly and at low cost the pharmacological properties,
metabolism and potential toxicity of drug candidates. Molecules are thus tested in vitro in a set of
molecular and cellular models (or assays) developed and validated by Cerep. The results of in vitro
profiles provide multiple indicators on the effects of the compounds in humans.

Cerep’s listing was made under the direct listing procedure by admitting on Alternext the 12,611,875
existing shares representing the outstanding share capital of Cerep.

Our presence at Euronext Paris imposed compliance with heavy and unsuited regulations compared
to Cerep’s situation, without providing specific advantages in terms of stock valuation or liquidity. In
this way our shares transfer from one market to the other should simplify our company’s running and
reduce our structure costs. A listing on a market better fitting our group size should also improve our
”, commented Thierry Jean, Président & CEO of Cerep.