Company responds to surging customer interest from North America; adds business process simulation and multi-tenancy to new Bonita Open Solution 5.3.

With over a third of the downloads of its open source BPM (business process management) suite coming from the U.S., France-based BonitaSoft today launched operations in North America with the opening of two offices. Founder and CEO Miguel Valdés Faura has relocated to lead operations from San Francisco, and is joined by Dave Cloyd who will lead business development from BonitaSoft”s new Boston office. To coincide with this expansion, the company also released today Bonita Open Solution 5.3, the latest update of its BPM and workflow software suite.

BonitaSoft’s launch in the U.S. comes at a time when the BPM market has become over-consolidated, leaving customers with little choice: bloated BPM packages with high price tags or simple BPM tools with limited functionality and flexibility. Bonita Open Solution bridges this divide to give users a full BPM suite that appeals to both business users and developers. Bonita Open Solution is composed of a studio to design processes, a Java-based BPM engine and an execution environment including a BPM portal for end-users. As a standalone suite, Bonita Open Solution offers rich graphical tools requiring no coding for business users. Developers have also a powerful environment for developing custom applications on top of Bonita Execution Engine.

News Highlights
- Founded a little over a year ago to commercialize the open source Bonita project, a scalable BPM engine first developed in 2001, BonitaSoft is launching in the U.S. with several of its existing 70+ customers here already, including one of the top pharmaceutical companies using Bonita Open Solution to embed workflow processess into applications managing drug trials.
- Since the company’s first release of Bonita Open Solution, version 5.0, at the beginning of this year, downloads have increased exponentially, averaging 35,000 per month, up from an average of 1,000 per month over the first eight years of the project’s history.
- BonitaSoft established strong technology partnerships with over open source vendors such as Canonical, Jaspersoft and SugarCRM, and ships the Bonita BPM solution through EOM partners like eXo and Talend.
- David Cloyd brings over 20 years of deep experience in launching U.S. operations for European technology companies, including full P&L responsibility, strategic planning and developing revenue growth and partnerships. Most recently, he served as general manager of Nuxeo in the U.S. where he led the open source enterprise content management company’s successful expansion into the North American market. Additionally, he has a deep background in the BPM space having held senior positions with market leaders such as TIBCO and Xerox.

Product Highlights
- Bonita Open Solution 5.3 introduces features in two key areas:
    * Business process simulation, a critical feature for optimizing processes before deployment; and
Multi-tenancy and REST services to support cloud computing environments.
         + Over 100 built-in and community-contributed connectors enable popular applications to plug into Bonita Open Solution. Connectors are available for open source solutions from Alfresco, eXo, Jaspersoft, MySQL, SugarCRM and Talend but also proprietary packages such Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint and SAP.
         + Bonita Open Solution 5.3 is a single distribution that is available as an open source download under the GPL license. BonitaSoft offers a comprehensive line of services ranging from consulting and training to a subscription pack, which includes annual maintenance and support as well as additional features to accelerate productivity.

Supporting Quotes
- Valdès Faura: “Over the last year, the in Bonita Open Solution has exceeded our projections, including the organic download traffi we’ve received from the U.S. market, which has encouraged us to accelerate our expansion here. This growing interest indicates that customers want more choices for BPM – and BonitaSoft is the democratizing force to make BPM more accessible to all users. We’re excited to kick start our operations and to have Dave on board.
- Cloyd: “For a startup in its first year, BonitaSoft has had an impressive run with huge numbers across the board, from the growth of the community to the number of downloads to customers clamoring for support. The company is extremely well positioned in the current BPM market, and I am looking forward to helping navigate and grow BonitaSoft in the U.S.”
- Bertrand Diard, CEO of Talend and BonitaSoft Board Member: “I’ve seen over the last two years growing opportunities on the US market for an Open Source vendor able to offer a BPM suite that can compete with industry leaders like IBM-Lombardi, Oracle or Pega. With their proven technology, their extensive community and the leadership of Miguel, BonitaSoft is clearly on the fast track to become a leading open source business.