VINCI Energies chose to call upon b-process, the European reference in electronic invoicing, to implement the dematerialization of its customer invoices, as well as all the invoices send between its 350 entities.

Progressive out rolling of client devices
With the evolution of technology and French rules and regulations, VINCI Energies had already started in 2008 to think about the possibility of issuing client invoices in electronic format in order to optimize the whole invoicing process. The decision to out role a tax dematerialization solution was hence perfectly logical, with several clients, and with a double objective:
• Offer willing companies the opportunity to cease using paper format and switch to issuing electronic invoices
• Cease the exchange of any paper invoices within the group and its multiple entities

b-process came as a natural choice to us”, explains Jean-Luc Bariller, Treasurer of VINCI Energies. “ b-process is capable of carrying out our tax dematerialization projects in France and internationally. We work with their dedicated project management team, who are available and reactive for the daily out rolling of the solution.

Since the project began, VINCI Energies has issued over 15’000 electronic invoices towards its various clients and is continuing to out roll towards clients wishing to receive tax compliant electronic invoices.

The VINCI Energies project also includes legal tax dematerialization of internal invoicing in order to facilitate exchanges, accelerate accounting procedures and reduce time needed for accounts closings.

Communication and training
The implementation of such a project involves organized communication and training for future users, mainly accounting services. VINCI Energies and b-process have set up many meetings to explain the project’s details, its functions, and the evolution of the invoicing system. The program includes e-learning modules for all accounting employees.

Communicating with clients, b-process and within the company is important for the evolution of procedures towards electronic invoicing.”, adds Jean-Luc Bariller. “Tax dematerialization concerns a large number of in-company users and will surely become the main invoicing process. We need to publish information, train and stimulate users to facilitate the introduction of electronic invoicing in our procedures.

About b-process
B-process is the leading operator in Europe for new electronic invoicing services, with over 56 300 interconnected companies. While associating expertise and know how, b-process helps companies get the most out of state of the art solutions whatever their size, technological maturity or invoice volume. Their global solution functions on the ASP billManager platform. Over this unique platform, incoming and outgoing invoicing flows provide online services to countries all over the world hence optimizing the invoicing process and greatly reducing the costs. 

Beyond the traditional EDI setup, b-process solutions have also facilitated the connexion between large groups and their smaller sized partners allowing them to exchange invoices. Pioneering leader on the market, b-process has reinforced its position in 2008 thanks to a steady growth of its activity (95 million invoices with 9 million out of France). Over 2000 companies place their trust in b-process among them Carrefour, American Express Europe, Total, Suez, Mc Donald’s, Adecco and L’Oréal.
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About VINCI Energies
As one of the major companies in Europe, VINCI Energies, linked to the new Energy pole of VINCI, offers a wide range of services in the areas of energy and information technology. 

VINCI Energy acts as the link between users and constructors working on different levels of conception, realization, maintenance and production in four sectors of activity: industry, tertiary, infrastructures and telecommunications. 

Thanks to the diversity of their service offers, supported by its large network of 800 companies and 6 network brands out rolled across Europe, VINCI Energies are in a position to offer both local and global solutions. Present in 21 countries, the group combines 32 000 professionals and generates over 30% turnover outside of France.
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