By integrating legal tax dematerialization with b-process, Marmara reduced by 70% the costs of invoices sent to travel agencies. By eliminating invoice printing and sending, Marmara reduces costs and travel agencies no longer need to archive paper invoices.

Managing exploitation costs
In 2008, the tour operator’s travellers exceeded one million. This had a direct effect on costs linked to the management of customer files, especially invoice printing and sending to partner agencies. Marmara has been trying to reduce its functioning and exploitation costs for several years now.

Marama therefore set up several projects to speed up reservation processing time on their electronic products for their partner distributors. With the help of b-process, European leader on the electronic invoicing market, Marmara has now implemented legal tax dematerialization.

Within 8 months, almost 98% of travel agencies working with Marmara adopted electronic invoicing. Such a rapid out rolling ensured a 70% reduction of transmission costs (printing and stamping), while reducing postal delays. Furthermore, the reduced paper use preserves the environment.

Adopting the dematerialization of our documents generated cost reductions that have had a real impact on our travel prices. Thanks to this, we are able to be more and more competitive”, explains Stéphane Lecoz, sales director at Marmara.

A quick and easy deployment thanks to b-process’ technological solutions
To ensure the success of its legal tax dematerialization project, Marmara chose b-process, whose specific technological solutions would enable an easy set-up, cost optimization and a quick return on investment.

Marmara works with about 20 tourist distribution networks and numerous independent agencies. In 2008, we processed over 400 000 invoices. It was necessary to find an easy out rolling solution adapted to all our customer agencies, independent as well as network affiliated agencies”, explains Stéphane Lecoz. “We naturally chose b-process, as their solutions were easy to deploy. We were impressed with B-process’ approach, as they adapt their solutions to the technological maturity of our partners, which facilitates the deployment”.

The EDI (Electronic data interchange) and DEMAT PUSH solutions offered by b-process cover all of our customer range:
• EDI for agencies of high technical capacity, willing to integrate invoicing data directly into their advanced computing systems
• DEMAT PUSH is a simple alternative which is easy to set up, especially for smaller-sized companies. Once the dematerialized invoice is sent, it is integrated into the computing system and archived by CDC Arkhinéo. The customer agency receives a notification to inform that the invoices have been sent. 
Furthermore, they can access an Internet portal which resumes all of the sent invoices. 

The services offered by Marmara to its distribution network include legal archiving for a period of 10 years at the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, partner of b-process.

The project’s success also relies on the agencies acceptance to receive electronic invoices. Helping them throughout the set-up is essential. B-process and Marmara have therefore created an information and educational kit for their travel partners, which includes a communication kit on the set-up and advantages of legal tax dematerialization.

About b-process
b-process is the leader and European reference on the electronic invoicing market with 56 300 companies interconnected. It associates assessment and know-how to help companies in taking the best out of these innovative solutions and this independently of their size, technological maturity and sent/received invoicing volume. Its global and externalized offer rests on its ASP platform. billManager. This simple and unique gateway for ingoing and/or outgoing invoices provides an on-line service on a European and international level thanks to an invoicing process optimization and an important cost reduction.
Next to the traditional EDI implementation, b-process’ solutions also facilitate the connexion of company groups with their smaller-sized partners, enabling them to exchange invoices. Pioneer and number 1 on this market, b-process secured its position in 2009 thanks to a long-lasting increase of its activity (a total of 110 million invoices exchanged, among those 15 million out of France). More than 2050 companies trust b-process, like Carrefour, American Express Europe, Suez, Total, McDonald’s, Adecco and L’Oréal.
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About Marmara
Number 1 tour operator in France thanks to its numerous clients, MARMARA offers travelling opportunities for over a million customers per year. For this reason, marmara takes high risks by chartering 25 flights per day all over the year (60% of them flying to the province), to Morrocco, Tunisia, Greece, Creta, Rhodes, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, but also to distant destinations, which they wish to make more accessible : Dominican Republic and Mauritius for example. In France, half of the customers choose “club” options making the Marmara Club brand the most appreciated one by the French, as 1 Frenchman out of 4 travelling with a “club” option chooses 1 out of 26 Marmara clubs. Its brochure also offers a complete range of products: stays in 5* luxury hotels, adventure tours, cruises (in schooners, in the Cyclades, on the Nil), family holidays, singles holidays, thalasso & spa breaks or cultural tours… The only common point is the unbeatable quality/price ratio for which Marmara stands for.

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