Network on Chip interconnect IP enables shorter design time and expands product

SUNNYVALE, California – May 9, 2012 – Arteris Inc., the inventor and leading supplier
of network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP solutions, today announced that iC-Logic has
selected Arteris® FlexNoC® network on chip interconnect IP and C2C chip-to-chip
interconnect IP for systems-on-chip (SoCs) targeting high end automotive infotainment
equipments. iC-Logic chose FlexNoC and C2C to create a flexible and high speed
communication chip to respond to the increasing demand of high speed connectivity in
car infotainment systems. iC-Logic’s use of FlexNoC and C2C has helped reduce design
schedules and increased the potential market for users of their SoC.

“iC-Logic licensed Arteris FlexNoC and C2C because we needed fast design cycle time
and full compatibility with other SoCs. FlexNoC’s ease of use and integrated simulation
and verification features helped us to optimize our SoC integration and development
time,” said Martin Damrau, Managing Director at iC-Logic. “And our choice of the C2C
chip to chip interconnect IP ensures our compatibility with application processors using
C2C. Thanks to the collaboration with Arteris, iC-Logic added C2C integration expertise
to our skill set enabling us to quickly design SoCs with this sophisticated interface.”

“iC-Logic’s use of Arteris FlexNoC and C2C interconnect IP for its high speed
communication SoC is an innovative way to reduce SoC time to market and grow the
market size for application processor SoCs,” said K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of
Arteris. “We are excited to be an important partner who is helping iC-Logic to innovate
its way to success.”

About Arteris : 

Arteris, Inc. provides Network-on-Chip interconnect IP and tools to accelerate Systemon-
Chip semiconductor (SoC) assembly for a wide range of applications. Results
obtained by using the Arteris product line include lower power, higher performance,
more efficient design reuse and faster development of ICs, SoCs and FPGAs.
Founded by networking experts and offering the first commercially available Networkon-
Chip IP products, Arteris operates globally with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California
and an engineering center in Paris, France. Arteris is a private company backed by a
group of international investors including ARM Holdings, Crescendo Ventures, DoCoMo
Capital, Qualcomm Incorporated, Synopsys, TVM Capital, and Ventech. More
information can be found at

About iC-Logic :

iC-Logic is a leading supplier of ASIC solutions with strong experience in complex
system level integration and first–time-right silicon. iC-Logic’s team has designed more
than 50 system-on-chips for leading customers in automotive, military/aerospace,
industrial and communications markets. iC-Logic provides a complete range of ASIC
professional services from design to mass production.
iC-Logic was founded by veterans of the semiconductor industry and is backed by
several international investors including Beyond Semiconductor as the major shareholder.
The headquarters are based near Frankfurt in Germany and the company operates
globally with sales offices and design centers located in Germany, Slovenia, Serbia,
South Korea, Vietnam and USA.