ActoGeniX, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, announces that Dr. Staf Van Reet has been appointed member and Chairman of the Board of Directors. With this appointment ActoGeniX is further expanding its expert base to bring the company to its next level of development.

Dr. Van Reet holds a degree of engineering in Applied Biological Sciences and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Leuven, Belgium and studied law at the University of Antwerp. He is a qualified Belgian and European Patent Attorney. Dr. Van Reet is founder and managing director of Viziphar Biosciences BVBA, a start-up bio-pharma research and development company, and of its subsidiary Viziphar Biosciences PVT Ltd (Bangalore, India). He is Chairman of the Board of Okapi Sciences and serves on the boards of Thrombogenics NV, the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)and FlandersBio vzw. Most recently, Dr. Van Reet was co-founder and chairman of the Board of Movetis NV from 2006 till the acquisition of Movetis by Shire in 2010.

Before, Dr. Van Reet had a long track record with Janssen Pharmaceutica and Johnson & Johnson, among others as Managing Director of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and President of the Janssen Research Foundation, the worldwide research and development organisation of the Janssen Group of companies. Additionally, Dr. Van Reet gained solid experience in venture capital, having been responsible for corporate venturing in Europe as a Vice President of the Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation

Upon his appointment Dr. Van Reet stated: “I am very pleased to join the Board of ActoGeniX, which I consider to be a promising company with a high growth potential. The company´s TopAct™ platform has generated an entirely new class of biopharmaceutical products with broad applicability in major disease areas. ActoGeniX is already today generating a rich product pipeline with the promising clinical-stage lead product AG013 currently being evaluated in oral mucositis.

Commenting on the appointment of Dr. Van Reet, Bernard Coulie, CEO of ActoGeniX, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Dr. Staf Van Reet has accepted to join the Board of ActoGeniX as chairman. I am convinced that he will make an important contribution to building ActoGeniX into a major, internationally-oriented biopharmaceutical company. His vision and wealth of expertise in the pharma and biotech industry will be crucial to assist us in plotting ActoGeniX´ future road towards success.

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Notes for the editor:
About ActoGeniX
ActoGeniX is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of ActoBiotics™, a novel class of orally available biopharmaceuticals for the targeted treatment of severe diseases with a high medical need. ActoBiotics™ represent a novel concept for oral administration of therapeutic proteins, and are designed to be safer and more effective than injectable biopharmaceuticals. ActoBiotics™ can deliver a wide range of therapeutic peptides and proteins, including cytokines, enzymes, hormones and monoclonal antibodies.

AG013, ActoGeniX´s lead product for the treatment of oral mucositis in cancer patients is currently being evaluated in a phase 1B clinical trial in the US. Moreover, in preclinical models, ActoGeniX has confirmed the broad applicability of ActoBiotics™ and its proprietary technology platform for a wide range of diseases, including gastrointestinal, metabolic, immune diseases and allergies.

ActoGeniX was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from VIB and Ghent University. The Company is headquartered in Ghent (Belgium) and employs approximately 20 employees, half of whom are PhD’s, MD’s, or PharmD’s. ActoGeniX raised 35.5 million Euro (approximately 50 million US$) in two equity financing rounds from a consortium of leading life sciences investors such as Gimv, Biotech Fund Flanders, Baekeland Fund, Biovest (Belgium), Life Sciences Partners, Aescap Venture (The Netherlands) and Ventech (France).

ActoGeniX has a strong and broad intellectual property position with a patent estate encompassing more than 20 distinct patent families. With broad patent claims already granted in major territories like the US and Europe, ActoGeniX is uniquely positioned to successfully exploit the commercial potential of its promising ActoBiotics™.