Great increase of active users: The total active user is around 2 million in July 2011, representing an increase of 101% over July 2010.

High growth of revenue: Total revenue in July 2011 reached around RMB 7 million, representing an increase of 457% over July 2010.

Performance of self-developed games:
1. “South King, North Beggar” made revenue of RMB 3 million in mainland, the growth in mainland begins to slow down, plan to update the expansion version to increase user sickness, and will also develop a new swordsman RPG game to link with “South King, North Beggar”.

2. The new game “Mountain-sea Genesis” is still under testing process, the forecast revenue will come at Q4. “The road of immortal” and “The warfare of God and Devil” will be online at July and the revenue will come at Q4.

In conclusion, 51wan.com will have several new exclusive operation games getting online. However, Q3 is the inside testing period for new product. So the performance will increase in Q4.