The statistics from EnfoDesk, the Seasonal Survey of China 3rd Party Payment Market in Q2, 2011, released by Analysys International, shows that China third party online payment has made 460.9 Billion Yuan in Q2, 2011, with a sequential growth rate being 16% and a year-on-year increase being 95.3%.

Analysys International finds that the transaction value of China 3rd party online payment has kept growing in Q2, 2011. Compared with Q1, transaction of e-commerce rebounded greatly in Q2, and the license released to the first 27 enterprises bolstered those confidences. It also raised traditional industries’ and financial enterprises’ confidence about the third party payment.

Therefore, the transaction value of enterprise payment in such industries as insurance, education,fund, and logistics, etc. realized by 3rd party payment has increased. The transaction value of 3rd party payment industry will keep a rapid growth in Q3, 2011 due to seasonal factors and the release of payment permit. 3rd party payment industry will take the following trend:

3rd party payment industry will take the following trend:
First, capital will be active in 3rd party payment market. On one hand, more overseas capital will be invested in this market, on the other hand, payment enterprises will merge others to expand online and offline payment capacity. Second, 3rd party enterprises will further expand segment industries which are of high quality and safe capital control, such as online booking of train tickets, funds, public welfare, administrative fees. Thirdly, the release of payment permit will attract considerable investment in the platform construction, talents pool and the business expansion, which will stimulate the development of the whole third party payment industry.